To Glitter, From Glitter

presentOne of the most important things I do each year is buy something, just around about this time of the year as a particular treat, ‘To Glitter, From Glitter’ – that way, at least I get one birthday present that I really want! This time last year I was so sick though. Really sick! A week of lying on the couch, head spinning, not really knowing what time it was, maybe being able to acknowledge light and dark outside, wasn’t the best way to gear myself up for a spot of shopping. I did manage to drag myself down to the pub on the day [or night!] and was pleasantly surprised to find that a number of people had been told it was my birthday and the combination of mucho Disprin and  cocktails was, well, actually, it was bloody great!

Two years ago I bought myself a fabilis pair of knee high leather boots. The year before that a pair of very sexy Dolce & Gabbana skinny jeans. The year before that I treated myself to a number of days in Lisbon – well, that was my Big 3-0 Birthday, so I decided what the heck!

But this year, I’m at a total lost as to what to get for myself! Yes! I actually am! I bought the lovely Aveda Scrub before Christmas and to be honest, I’m all stocked up with hair stuff. I also bought a sexy little eyeshada duo from Nars and a few Lancome bits and pieces. And I’ve trekked around BT enough in the last while to know that I’m fine for cosmetics, STAT. See, it doesn’t have to be a small present, but it doesn’t haveto be a big present either. Just something I fancy that I wouldn’t buy on a day to day basis. I saw the most fantastic figure hugging Dolce & Gabbana strappy ‘pour yourself in’ little number, and at €975 I was considering it, but in fairness, I’ve nowhere to wear it to, at the moment. So I was sensible and draped it back onto it’s hanger. I saw another lovely D&G dress last weekend too, but I’ve a Karen Millen one very similar and being in the worst mood in the world stopped me from getting it. So, I’m kind of considering clothes. I’d like some new ones – but without the hassle of having to look for them, if you get me. But then, it’s really new everyday clothes I need and they’re not blingy enough to be a ‘To Glitter, From Glitter’ treat.

I’m ok for handbags. I haven’t seen any shoes I want. I don’t drive. I always get myself something to have on my birthday so booking a gig or a show or a holiday isn’t this kind of treat either. Now! Don’t even be thinking of putting me in a tranquil room as a treat, some blinky xylophone or whale birthing music rising from the stones as water trickles over them – I don’t do ‘salon treatments’. I even colour my hair myself so I can watch EastEnders in peace rather than fall into a coma, bored at the hairdressers for 2 hours. I’m not a patient person. A massage or a wrap thingy is just not for me.

Ah lookit! I’m really stuck this year. I just haven’t seen anything that I really want! It’s like a crime or something! How in the name of all things retail, have I not stopped at a window and misted it up as my breathing gets heavier at the thought of the goodies inside? This is serious people!


7 responses to “To Glitter, From Glitter

  1. how about some jewellery ?
    i watched the SATC movie again at the weekend and remember Samantha wants to buy herself that fabulous ring ?
    get thou self to Rhinestones or some such place of fabulousness and treat yourself to something beautiful …

  2. go somewhere lovely!!x

  3. oh i rem that hockeysticks n i am a big jewellery fan! mind you, i don’t have the €1000’s that samantha has to spend!

    i’m kind of thinking i’ll have a ‘me’ day on saturday.. just head into town, pick up whatever i see, maybe treat myself to a lovely lunch PLUS a cocktail.. nothing like a bit of an afternoon buzz 😉

  4. What about a bling ring? Me likey!

  5. I tend to selfgift on the last weekend in the month! It happens to coincide with payday…this month however, self-gifting is off the cards…

  6. ooo, kelly! me likey too..

    lmw, there’s always next month 🙂

  7. Jewellery is a great idea! And I’ve never met a pair of Louboutins I didn’t like… 😉

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