Small Things, Big Problem?

Small things are just that, small. One small thing is really rather minuscule. A few small things become annoying cos they get in the way of the bigger picture. Lots of small things can be like fog and descend en masse before your eyes, stopping you doing other things. Stuff and other things that you really should be doing.

Small things annoy me and today, a lot of small things are annoying me. I’m def having a ‘meh’ Friday and I’m not happy about it! It’s like a combination of snagging a fingernail on a door and then tripping while you try and check if the pain is because you’ve ripped the whole nail off and then all puffing and panting after running to get the bus, you jolt to a stop as you’re convinced you actually see the bus driver laughing as he pulls away without you.

OK. None of that happened me this morning. Unless I dreamt it and that’s why I’m not getting the Friday Feeling. Just why am I a bit cranky today? Hmm, I’m not sure. I can verify that my hormones are below ‘safe-but-say-that-again-and-I-really-will-be-angry levels, I’m just back from having a lovely fag outside in the not as cold as earlier this week weather, I’d a good catch up with Limerick girl in HQ last night… hmm… Just because I left I my foundation at home and had to do w just powdering over the cracks and ravines on my face while on the bus isn’t really the kind of thing that would do this to me. My hair really needing to be washed? Well, feckit.. it’s grand, luckily I don’t have greasy hair so 3 Day Old Hair isn’t a disaster.

One thing though, I am not, not, going to let these small things get the better of me! It’s Friday, I have the whole weekend at my feet. I can do whatever I bloody well like for the entire weekend. And, do you know? I think I will. Maybe giving out to someone about something will make me feel better for a while until I can move on to some Me Time at 5.30 this evening. Woo hoo! Roll on 5.30!


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