Beauty Bounty

carribean-therapyI was annoyed. I was annoyed with a boy and I just happened to be in Brown Thomas when said annoying event happened. You know what that means. It means a big, fat ‘I’m buying this now because I want to buy it now’ purchase. Sheer fate had me by the Aveda counter – and sure as if I need to tell you what that meant? The nice lady asked if I needed any help and as I smiled politely, I caught sight of something that I’d been pondering about on a previous occasion and said ‘Yes! Yes, thank you, I’m actually quite interested in the Carribean Therapy scrub! It’s meant to be lovely!’

In fairness, I quickly stopped rumaging around my house sized handbag to actually listen to what she had to say about this little pot of wonder, cos even though I knew I’d be keying in my PIN number approximately 30 seconds after she stopped talking, I wanted someone to work at impressing me after a certain someone hadn’t via his phone mere minutes beforehand.

This little gem has salt and Caribbean cane sugar as the scrubby bits and a whole range of lovelies that provide the hydration and conditioning, such as coconut, avocado and passionfruit oils and then the fragrance is provided by amyris, vetiver [no, me neither] and lime. OOOooohhh the smell of this stuff is only fabilis! Fabilis! Quite lime-y but not air freshener citrus-y. I couldn’t wait to try this stuff out and did so the very next morning. Now, after paying €40 [I know, I know, but I was in a bad mood in Brown Thomas because of a boy] I didn’t want to waste a single grain and so while thorough, I didn’t particularly scrimp on product in the shower, I just turned the water off and made sure every leetle skin cell was treated to a bit of Caribbean Therapy.

I could smell it as soon as I opened the tub. I could feel my skin gleaning as it was polished and I could feel my skin drinking in the hydration. And sure this is lubbly stuff altogether. I decided against an additional body lotion [although there is one to accompany it] as my skin really felt like it didn’t need it. The oils in this were certainly enough to make my skin glow without that icky slimy feeling. Oh sure I was delighted with myself by then! And I was still laughing at the fact that yet again I’d scored the doubly whammy of a fab Aveda product and a glass of champagne as the nice lady wrapped up my latest purchase!


11 responses to “Beauty Bounty

  1. so technically speaking that naughty boy owes you 40 bucks . . sounds heavenly . .. the scrub that is!!x

  2. i never thought of that towny! mind you, i have stung him for a few mimosas since 😉

  3. There’s something very satisfying about these type of purchases!

  4. Sounds fab glitter. I have run out of scrub and was considering buying the clinique skin sparkle again but think I’ll get this instead.

    Hoping to go to Belfast in Feb and on the list so far is:


    MacBook and printer

    Aveda scrub

    an everyday bag

  5. i’m thinking of a weekend in Belfast becks, you’ll have to let me know what you think

  6. i rem you mentioning the clinique sparkle alright, becks.. i was v tempted to try it as i spotted it as part of a gift set that was on special offer before xmas.. just didn’t get ’round to it

    i’d be interested to know what you think of the clinique V the aveda!

  7. Sounds scrumptuous Glitter!

  8. GK. Will do – the clinque one I preferred was in the big tube rather than the tub. Clinique is a lot cheaper mind but I get almost a year out of a scrub so I don’t mind.

    No problem towney – don’t hold breath or anything now though…

  9. Shame on you, Glitter. Am going to have to go and buy myself some now, just so’s I can smell it. Tsk. 😉

  10. hehe english mum… you’ll just have to buy it alright 🙂

  11. This sounds fabulous and I must have a look at it next time I am in House of Fraser, I am currently coveting the Origins Modern Friction scrub and a perfect world serum. Really need to stop finding things I cant afford to buy and buying them and failing to engage in my life-long ambition of actually saving up a few quid!

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