It’s Friday! It’s Frosty!

You know it’s nearly Christmas when this song tinkles from a nearby radio or overhead shop speaker! Is it in your head yet? Is it in your head yet?… ‘Frrroooooossssssstttyyyy the Snowman.. was a jolly happy soul….’ I can remember the first time I sang this song was when I was with about 20 others, knee high to a grasshopper, yet I felt all grown up having moved out of ‘Babies’ and was now in ‘High Infants’!

Ah, I’ll admit it – I like this song! It’s all tingly and jingly and far more upbeat than that droning ‘Little Drummer Boy’ piece of crap, Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum indeed! And a blast of Frosty, be you trailing through 100 shops with 200 more presents to buy is bound to entice a little shoulder bopping.. ok, for the first 3 or 4 times anyway!


One response to “It’s Friday! It’s Frosty!

  1. Eh! I love “The Little Drummer Boy” pa rum pum pum pum… Its one of my faves. Like your choice of Frosty though. You’ll have to sing it to me one of the nights over Christmas!!!

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