Saggy Old, Baggy Old

Saggy, baggy, pink and white, furry, cuddly, wise and pretty much my best friend. I hearted Bagpuss and I know that Bagpuss hearted me each time I pressed my nose up against the telly to get a better view of what he, the gorgeous Madeline, Gabriel the Frog, Professor Yaffle and the naughty scamps The Mice were getting up to.

I think if I was asked, I’d have to agree with a recent poll that put Bagpuss as the Favourite Kids TV character of all time. There was something very assuring about the manner in which Bagpuss took control from his cosy looking cushion. What Bagpuss says, goes!

I was very jealous of Emily. Not only did she have a proper Lost & Found shop [where the mice repaired all matter of things during the night] but she had lovely hair too. I watched Bagpuss for years before we had our first cat and he may just have been the reason why I wanted one! *Sigh* I really wanted to go visit Emily’s shop. Imagine what it would be like to walk through the Victorian door, the little bell would ring and there’d be all types of goodies on display. But you couldn’t just buy stuff from Emily’s shop. Oh no, it wasn’t that kind of shop. It was like a little holding area for dollies that had fallen from the baskets of bicycles or toy trains that rolled a bit too far down the hill and ended up going around one too many corners – for Emily, thoughtful and Good Samaritan that she was, just minded all the toys until the day that their owner stumbled across them, sitting all shiny and repaired to perfection in the loveliest shop in the world.


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