Suit Yourself and I’ll Do The Same

So, you all know I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ about Christmas – or rather the whole having to  buy presents thing. I made a decision and my credit card sat on my desk in work for about 3 hours because I ended up being so busy that I didn’t even get to order stuff from the ISPCA yesterday. And because it ended up being so busy, the atmosphere in the office became a ‘Lookit! This has to be done and done now!’ type thing. To clarify, going from having a few to absolutely loads of things to do at the same time doesn’t phase me, I’m well used to that. Throw in a couple of narky so and so’s that aren’t doing their jobs, 2 people constantly on hold for me to add fat to the fire, a lazy and oversensitive colleague and the fact that I’ve just started a new job and well, I just wanted some peace and quiet  after having to throw a bit of weight around all afternoon, a bit of EastEnders and nods of sympathy from Molly & Fizzy.

I walked in the door to 100 questions, I got annoyed all over again at some people not doing their job, questioning my judgement and generally being a pain in the ass about having  to actually work for a living.. and I also ended up with a totally burnt pizza and only seeing about 5 minutes of EastEnders.

I’m jumping subject slightly, but bare with me  – last Sunday, in HQ, ok? I came back from having a lovely fag and The Glamorous Blonde asked me to name a Transvision Vamp song. ‘Yeah, Glitter, you generally know this stuff’, echoed My Other Dad, her husband.

With barely a shrug of my shoulders the words ‘Baby, I Don’t Care’ flowed out of my mouth, ‘Wendy James?’. ‘How does it go?’ asked My Other Dad. Now, I did pause here cos, well, I’m no singer. No way will you get me volunteering for the SingStar at an impromptu after pub session! And then one of the guys came racing over to us, mic/lighter in his hand, ‘BABY, I DON’T CARE! Told you I’d remember in the end!’ And away with him, delighted with himself.

The Glamorous Blonde asked what Wendy James looked like,

‘Platinum blonde hair, into guitar’ [Slight raising of the eyebrows]

‘Heavy black eye make up’ [‘Oh really Glitter?]

‘Quite blingy.. pale pink lippy.. bit of leather..’ [‘God! Ye could be describing someone else, Glitter!]

I ‘Whatever’ed’ them, smiled and took a gulp of bourbon, that song went on loop in my head for ages and I realised that I need to go dancing very soon!


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