Christmas Blank

xmas-presentI haven’t really started my Christmas shopping yet and what’s more, I truly can’t muster the energy to. Now, before you think I’m going all Bah! Humbug on ye – I’m not! It’s just that I hate shopping at the best of times so it’s particularly difficult for me to get enthused about battling my way into town, trying to make enough space for myself to walk from A to B, without having to tense every muscle I have in order to prevent being knocked over by some aul wan determined to get to the shop till before me!

Now, I love Christmas and we’ve always had great times with family, laughing, singing, drinking, chatting around various tables and in various rooms of various houses, catching up and making merry like the real spirit of Christmas should be – it’s just the thought of having to seek out, choose, buy and then transport a rake of presents by the 25th of December that sends shivers of dread down my spine.

I was in town about a fortnight ago and after my specific mission to go into shops A, B and C to get the specific things I was out of, I surprised myself by deciding to actually go into a shop that I didn’t need to. In there I saw something I thought my sister would like, picked it up and bought it, only a small token type thing. Then it dawned on me that I shouldn’t just give it to her when I next see her as I remembered that Christmas was indeed just around the corner and so I’ve kept it to give to her on Christmas Eve at our traditional family exchange of pressies. Result! Mind you, I’ve yet to get her main pressie and she hasn’t helped at all by constantly responding, ‘I don’t know Glitter.. sure just get me anything.. I don’t know what I want this year..’ Gah!

Mom has been more forthcoming with telling me what she wants but I still have to go get it and it’s kind of the same with Dad. But she wasn’t impressed earlier when I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t even want to go pressie shopping and truth be known, I couldn’t care less about scraping the whole giving and receiving thing altogether. I was told I had ‘All weekend! Even just all day Saturday would do it, get everything at once etc’. Balls to that – I had to bite my tongue really hard and not remind her that on my Saturdays I stay in bed late getting over the night before, go watch rugby or football, come home to a warm up glass of vino and then get ready to go out all over again. Eh hello? Give up all that for most of the day getting battered and bruised in shops with snippy SA’s and only the crap or highly expensive things left? No way, Hose.

I’ve had a chat with Molly and Fizzy though. Fizzy’s 4 month old collar is in perfect condition. She told me that I could get her a new one if I wanted but that she likes her current blue one and doesn’t want to put me under any pressure. Molly got a new collar at the same time and what with all the jumping into everything, climbing trees and bushes etc that she does, her’s is all raggy but I’ve assured her that her new one will be just as cute as the daisy one she has on now. Is it really any wonder that I’m thinking of making a little hidey hole just for the 3 of us under the Christmas Tree and not coming out until dinner is ready?


5 responses to “Christmas Blank

  1. “I’ve had a chat with Molly and Fizzy though”… Priceless…. and probably the only voies of reason

  2. that’s hilarious. i’ve been explaining to pupster that he’ll have to stay home at dinner time this year. he’s not overly impressed, i could tell!! i’ll meet you in the pub with the puddys and i’ll bring the pupster. (he doesn’t know what cats are so they’ll get on grand).x

  3. oh yeah, the pubs shut . . darn it. its open at home . . .

  4. Ha ha ha! Oh lucky Molly and Fizzy. Auntie Glitter sure is good to them. I have Glitter’s pressies…oooh the suspense. Online shopping is the greatest alternative to all the stesses and strains of actually having to be in shops with other people!

  5. Ah there’s plenty of time left! I haven’t anything done either, I’ll be joining the throngs on manic shoppers some time next week…

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