Romeo’s On Fire!

… and he’s not the only one! Where do I start? Well, it’s Friday, always a good place to start! I’m a week into my new job and it’s going great, really great. great boss, great colleagues, great shopping centre right on the doorstep… I’m now living a kind of bi-coastal lifestyle [Whitney Port’s not the only one you know!]. I’ve a bit of a commute to get to work but I’m going to spend Monday to Wednesday nights in my parents house which brings my travelling time down to feck all on those days and I’ll still have my own place to go back to and get up to all kinds of devilment in over the weekend! Woo and Hoo! There’ll be plenty more tales from HQ in the not too distant future so! And! And! I’ll see Molly and Fizzy loads each week too! result! And I have a date tonight! Even better!
I just feel that nothing can get in my way right now. I’m a proper Smiley McSmile!


4 responses to “Romeo’s On Fire!

  1. yay, how excellent. does the date have a mcname yet?

  2. Swit swoo!!!!! You go girl!

  3. Delighted for you missus on all fronts!
    Keep us posted x

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