Tree-mendous News!

christmas-treeOh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Our Christmas Tree is being delivered today! That’ll mean it’s officially Christmas when it, and the 1million decorations of all types, shapes and sizes are put up in various rooms around the house. I’m excited – can you tell?

Now, when I say ‘our house’, I mean my parent’s house. If I attempted to hang anything more than 2 baubles and some tinsel in my little shoebox, I’d have to move everything else out. However, each year I overcome that disappointing little fact when I hear that Mom has been busy up ladders, digging up some soil to steady the tree pot [again] and doing lots of standing back, admiring, switching of baubles on to more prominant branches etc and am ultimately there to sympathise when the annual battle with fairy light bulbs commences.

Over the years our tree has gone from artificial [we had a white, white glittery one], to real shedding to real non shedding. The decorations have gone from 10 coloured balls in a tube for £2 with the obligatory luminous tinsel to the posh bows and wooden carvings – obligatory luminous tinsel still playing a huge part though, Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without a bit o’ tinsel! There were paper chains that I made and coloured in after I’d sellotaped them together [where did Blue Peter get crepe paper and double sided sellotape back then?]. There was a robin with wire through his feet so he could be held onto a branch [poor thing!] but he lost one then a second eye and one year I think we just let him rest in peace on the floor when he couldn’t stand up anymore. There was a very sleepy angel that had a halo and wings and everything – I think her halo slipped and she wasn’t allowed back into the house. The pretty angel lasted much longer, but as she spent her time on top of the tree she was out of reach of any low flying distractions. But for the last few Christmases the decorations have been getting posher and posher; all colour coordinated carved from cherry or maple trees by ancient woodsmen that had a deep and meaningful relationship with the children in the next village, all of whom are either deaf, blind or both and to whom the bulk of the exhorbitant price tag goes to in order to further their education. Whatever.

Although… a few years back I started a tradition of buying a nice, cute, different, maybe dare I say kind of posh decoration for the tree myself and bringing it home on Christmas Eve. Last year [abandoning the ‘posh’], I acquired 2 lovely furry dog decorations that in fairness, weren’t the most attractive but were in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. I was distraught when I found them behind a chair only a few weeks back still in their wrappers! Apparently they ‘didn’t go with the rest of the ‘nice’ decorations! I was not impressed. So the deal this year is that I add to the collection as normal only if Mom puts the 2 little dogs on the tree. Now, here’s hoping she doesn’t realise that I threw the annoying, singing fecking lights-a-flashing- all- around Santa that she loved to torment us with in the bin as soon as last year’s decorations came down!


6 responses to “Tree-mendous News!

  1. lovely. made me think of my home. mums the same, much posher now that we’re not tearing about the place. sigh, nearly chrimble.x

  2. My mother also her ‘way’ of decorating the family tree. Actually, the entire house. It’s gas. Things have to be put up in a certain order! *roll* 🙂

  3. we put our tree up last night – by me i mean the other half! Im too lazy and am feeling particularly grinchy this year!
    Although, one decoration that makes me smile is a fab little newbridge silver carosol that granny bought us last year. Its all lovely and shiny….

  4. Well our tree arrived today and has sehd everywhere already. thank god for wooden floors! Myself ans my sis do the tree every year. we are incredibly fussy and spend hours doing it, pruning wee branches sticking out, turning tree till the fullest side is on display and then its time to apply decorations… its exhausting, but well worth it. oh and wrapping presents is an art in our house too! everything has to have ribbon at the leat. all sorts gets attached to presents, tinsle (which looks great). gold spray painted acorns, sparkly things too. So much fun!

  5. OH MY GOD!!!! Did you really through the singing Santa away????? Oh my god!!!! There’ll be trouble to be sure.

    I sympathise about your fluffy dog decorations being put aside, ignored andinsulted. However, I hadn’t realised how ugly they were. Sorry Glitter, but they have to go!

  6. ha ha dippy.. now you’re not sure if that awful santa tat that frightened the life out of the smalls is gone or not!
    and, i for one will be bestowing due care to the fluffy dog decorations – they’re up on the tree, have you not seen!

    swit swoo roxy! that carousel dec sounds v posh!

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