Chaos V Champagne

champagneNow, I’m the type of girl that likes her nice things.. but I won’t spend all day looking for them. I kinda know what I want and the scientist in me always falls back on the fact that the quickest way to get from A to B is in a straight line. So, I don’t tend to faff around or ‘browse’ as some people might put it, when I’m on a mission. I found myself in the situation whereby I needed new foundation and powder, I couldn’t risk totally running out and scaring various people/ dogs/ young children by going without. I had to face up to the inevitable and make my way to the MAC store.

I was in the door and a glittery something caught my eye, I say a glittery something because I didn’t get to move any further towards the product, a thing in a shrug, baker boy cap and too much hairspray jumped in front of me. I’ve plenty of used bottles and powder compacts so I thought I might go all green and trade them in for a new lippy. After what felt like an age standing, waiting for the girl with the questions and the questionable lip liner to get out of my way, I realised that between her and the 100 brush-wielding girl that actually worked there, I could be in for a very long wait. I literally goose stepped my way over to the foundation stand, thinking that if I spotted a square couple of inches where no one else was standing I should grab them very quickly. I stood and waited until someone that clearly worked for MAC came close [they’re easily spotted – eyes looking past you in case someone who might be spending more comes into view, more make up on in that one day than you’ve ever owned in your entire lifetime].

A tall, floaty, earthy, natural type drifted towards pair of heavily lined glittered eyes with too much bronzer and very arched eyebrows, complete with highlighted cheekbones, dripping with gloss lips girl appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly towering over me trying to convince that she did indeed want to make it seem as though she wasn’t on a production line but there to help. I just cut to the chase – ‘NW15 Select with SPF and NW15 powder to go with, please’. She nearly decapitated me with the speed that she cast my decisive and obviously not stoppping to spend more money than just on those two products self aside, ready to pounce on someone wanting a total makeover, ‘Just tell the girl at the till that XYZ helped you today *fake smile*’.

I tried to go to a nice place while the 12 people in front of me in the queue grappled with bags, looked for purses or credit cards and indeed, thought it funny and or embarrassing that they couldn’t remember their pin numbers. Simply too long later; Smile. Just these. XYZ. No bag. Grand. Thanks – I was free! And I think I took my first breath since walking into that particularly chaotic corner of Brown Thomas.

I think the word is ‘serendipity’ when things all become clear and find a way of working themselves out; I walked at pace to get away from the MAC madness, slowed down to get a squirt of Hypnose from the Lancome counter and kind of drifted over to the Aveda counter. I found myself standing in front of two products I couldn’t decide between. The smiley, unobtrusive girl told me that she was nearby if I needed any help. Then she told me that even if I didn’t need any help, that she’d be more than glad to pour me a glass of champagne while I was there. Only when it was in my hand did I believe that it had happened. I sighed, smiled, took a sip and started a conversation about hair products that led to, well, led to a hundred different subjects. And I did aquire some more Aveda along the way.. there was no production line, no moving quicker than necessary, it all felt lovely and ‘gift wrapped’, albeit on the slightly fuzzy but with warm feeling side!


5 responses to “Chaos V Champagne

  1. lol, scaring children and dog, hehe. i know exactly what you mean about sales assistants and i love that fuzzy warm feeling

  2. Free champers…well its only right after the battleground that is mac!

  3. I hate browsing in Mac even though I love the stuff – feel its better to know what you want rather than to have to ask for help.

    Did you get your free lippie GK and can you choose what you get? Saving up my empties as well!

  4. i’ve loved MAC stuff for years, ams, but i rarely spend nanoseconds longer than i need to at the counter.. if i see a good review of a new product i might ask about it in store but in general, i know exactly what i’m going in for!

    i haven’t got my free lippy yet.. hadn’t the empties w me at the time.. AFAIK, it’s still 6 empties for any lippy you want tho

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