T.M.I? Or Not T.M.I?

blonde-goth-21So, I was in HQ, chatting to a friend, a guy. He’d asked me to bring my laptop [it was a daytime, how nice to not be in work let’s meet for a chat type thing] as he wanted to pick my brain about something and in return there was a bottle of wine or several bourbons on offer. Inbetween the problem solving and the chatting, he asked to see my blog that he’d heard about and I, not fazed by this, said ‘Sure! Knock yourself out!’ and went off for a lovely fag while he perused said blog for 10 minutes. When I came back he said some very kind things about it and finished up with ‘Well! You’re out there now! I know a lot more about you after that – and well, fair play to you, you’re very brave telling the whole of cyberspace what you get up to!’

Huh? See, I hadn’t thought about it like that. There’s things I say, but definitely there’s a lot I haven’t shared and won’t be sharing, if you get my drift. I was a little perplexed thinking about what he said later on though. Especially as he kept on mentioning a few posts about a certain Ex of mine that he knows. Hmmm. So, finally covincing myself that I haven’t in fact been pouring out my innermost secrets, I decided that that was just his opinion and maybe he just didn’t know what to expect. And now how do I feel about his comment? Well, I do actually wonder if maybe I’m saying too much from time to time. But in reality, there isn’t anything I say here that I wouldn’t say in the pub to friends of various degrees – even when sober. My Mom keeps saying that I ‘must show her’ my blog sometime and I’ve been kind of avoiding sitting her down in front of it, mouse in hand to learn more about her daughter than perhaps your average Mom needs to know. But then again I’d like to know what she thinks of it. Perhaps I could just print out a few chosen ‘safe’ posts for her? My sister kindly increases mynumber of hits on a regular basis and she’s probably learnt a bit more about me, but I’ve learnt stuff about her too from the comments she’s left, so that’s no biggie.

And just recently I gave the address to a guy that’s currently making me smile. He could be reading this right now and knows that I’ve mentioned him. What do I think of that? Hmm again. That’s a toughie, but I can’t un-tell him, he asked for the address, I was caught off guard and gave it to him without really thinking. And he’s already been forced to listen to loads of stories about Molly & Fizzy so a few posts in particular on here aren’t going to scare him at this stage. Ah feckit, now I’m all distracted and have a stupid grin on my face cos he made me laugh loads over the weekend. Let’s just leave it there for now.


8 responses to “T.M.I? Or Not T.M.I?

  1. Aw GK, ya smitten kitten, it kind of got away from you there at the end didn’t it! Myself and T haven’t told anyone we know about our blog but I’m often tempted to spill all to the boyf! Personally I wouldn’t think you give too much away at all. 🙂

  2. that quandry of the blog world isn’t it, nightmare. i don’t think you give too much away either. people might be able to pick themselves out but you don’t mention any names . . . i woudln’t be able to turn up and pick into your life from what you’ve said on here . . sigh, i’m not going to mention the whole smiling thing YET!!!xx

  3. i rem you saying that kitty – i just don’t think i’d be able to NOT tell SOMEpeople that i do this!

    .. and towny, you’re just a brat 😉

  4. You defo don’t give too much away GK. Your posts are always sooo funny anyhow that anyone that reads them will just be entertained!
    I always look forward to reading them but not in a nosey way but just cause they’re always so upbeat and funny!

  5. GK, I’d be as proud as punch to be featured in this blog! I think it’s fantastic! 🙂

    Seriously though I don’t think it’s Too Much Information at all. Your posts are a scream and if someone is mentioned, they haven’t been mentioned by name but have been given a very funny (and no doubt, apt) nickname.

  6. hehe.. ta girlies, i’ll continue business as usual then..

  7. I see where you’re coming from GK – a few years ago I used to have a personal blog and was outed by a guy I would kinda know from home who had a v. v. popular blog at the time. Basically I had commented on an another Irish blog and he found mine through that. Instead of contacting me and asking was it ok he wrote a big article about what a funny blog I had and linked to it on his v. popular site. I know he didn’t mean anything by it but I had to delete it because other ppl I didn’t want reading it from home etc. were telling me about how great it was. I felt that my content was comprimised as I didn’t want anyone to know I was writing about them.

    Anyhoo thats my little story 🙂

  8. oh i get what you’re saying, ams.. i obv use a pseudonym on here… a handful of people i’m friends with know i have a blog, but an even smaller amount out of that group know what the blog is called or the name i use on here

    what a pity you felt you had to delete your blog! maybe you could start another one.. ?

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