Good Vibrations?

turbolashNow, even Molly and Fizzy are wondering if they’re going to get one of these new fangled vibrating mascaras in their Christmas stockings – quite simply, everyone is talking about them! First came the Lancome Oscillation and hot on it’s heels came the Estee Lauder TurboLash, which I was lucky enough to get my little paws on. Now, the question that you have to ask yourself is, do I need a vibrating mascara? You may not. But do you want one? I think so. I was lucky enough to be given this piece of kit as a freebie [I won it as a spot prize as the fabulous Brunch!]

So what makes this mascara different? The obvious is the fact that when you click open the lid, it automatically starts vibrating in your hand, which is a bit weird. Next, the application. You don’t actually feel the vibrations through the brush onto your eyelashes, but the thing is, these vibrations ensure no horrible clumps, which is a great start and they really separate your lashes! There’s excellent coating of the lashes, not too much but enough that you’re not going back 5 minutes later to top them up.

The bad news. It’s €38. Wha? Yes, it’s €38. S’pensive, no? I’m not sure I’ll part with my hard earned cash in the future. The fabulous [non vibrating] Lancome Virtuose is a tenner cheaper and, and I’ll stick my neck out here, just as good. And then the killer blow – it’s RRP on the official Estee Lauder website is $32 or only €25 at the current exchange rate. So, I may not add a mascara to my vibrating collection in the future but all gifts will be gratefully accepted.


One response to “Good Vibrations?

  1. Well now i got the Lanome one and its shite… think i am going to be allergic to it (ahem) and have to bring it back!

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