Friday High

The first line of this song always makes me laugh; years ago when I was far away, I needed to go to A&E after a minor accident. You can imagine the panic of my mother when she was told about it, but when I finally could get to the phone, I told her how I was ‘Fine! Fine! Sure I’m grand! Now I’m on loads of morphine and it’s great! I’m as sky as a kite right now, never better!’ Cue lots of laughing and suddenly she wasn’t as worried.

However, back to today and I’m on a totally different high! I start a new job and I’m bleepin all exirah n delirah altogether! And a bit nervous. And wondering what kind of a day I’ll have. And hoping there’s somewhere near the office that does a good lunch! Oh, and wondering what my new colleagues will be like. This song is very classic, ‘Head on the Door’, plinky plonky type Cure, albeit from nearly 10 years after that album. Some things just work forever! Me, I’m just happy to be working somewhere new today!


4 responses to “Friday High

  1. I can’t listen to the song, my boss is about!!

    Excellent news on the new job, how exciting. Well done.

    I once rang my mum from a school trip to tell her i slipped down the side of a mountain. Dad said she didn’t sleep for two days worrying that i’d do it again. oops. lol

  2. congrats glitter – well done! Best of luck missy

  3. Best of luck babe in the new job, hope all goes well.

  4. thanks roxy! hope you’re well chick!

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