Classy Chick

sindy4When I was small[er], there was only one other girl that could light up my life. Sindy. Sindy this, Sindy that.. Sindy was the girl to envy, the girl who I wanted to grow up to be. I was never jealous that Sindy was a world class show jumper, or swimming champ, or ice skating princess in her sparkly little outfits. It didn’t matter that she had everything she could possibly want. The house, the swimming pool, the car… and the clothes! Oh! Sindy had fabulous clothes. Mind you, she needed them all; her casual gear for popping to the gym or ballet classes, her daytime smart casual [for when friends called around or meeting the girls for lunch], her tailored suits for work and because she was that kind of gal, her vast array of ballgowns. And my best friend Sindy had it all.

Except, I’m still not sure who was more upset one Christmas Morning when Sindy’s new house arrived a bit wonky, Santa got the bleepin instructions all messed up and one floor of Sindy’s new house had the ‘bricks’ on the inside and the lovely blue patterned wallpaper and dresser full of ‘china’ on the outside. She was a bit ‘Meh’ about it but I was livid! Like Santa is meant to be all knowing and all powerful, yet while putting together my Sindy’s 4 storey townhouse in the dark in our sitting room he obviously couldn’t manage to get that one simple thing right! My Sindy had lovely hair and she let me brush it all the time. And plait it. I had to practice that one though, she hated when bits ended up sticking out. She even let me do her make up the odd time too – even when she had a date lined up! Sometimes she did the washing up in one of her ballgowns, sometimes in her horse riding gear, she was like that though, looked fab whatever she was doing. Oh! Hanging out with Sindy was the best. I hearted her a lot. And she hearted me. We were best friends. And there was no way that Barbie wan was getting in on the act. She was so jealous of Sindy & me. I never wanted to be friends with trashy, bubblegum Barbie. Sindy was the classy kind of gal that I wanted to be seen with.


4 responses to “Classy Chick

  1. I was also a massive Sindy fan. I actually had the doll in the pic! She could kick Barbie’s boney arse any day 😉

  2. omg, i loved sindy excellent post. i had that doll too montyc and the old three storey house. sigh. much classier than lollipop head barbie.
    and i had the car, the one from the 60s that a cousin gave me. you could fit teddies and three sindy’s in it. don’t ya know.

  3. I had the red Range Rover, the horse box, the horse and all the tac for it and Sindy in her riding outfit! I thought it was THE coolest stuff EVER 🙂

  4. hehe i knew you two would be ‘Sindy’ girls 😉

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