Second Time Around

blonde-goth-21‘OMG! What if..?’ or ‘If only I hadn’t said that’ or one that causes a million heads to hang in shame, reach for the Nurofen, claw hand seizing up altogether at the thought of it again, ‘When is it ever a good idea to have several tequilas towards the end of the night?’ Ok, so we can’t change the past, we’re stuck with the life we make for ourselves, but, but.. what if you could choose who or what you were going to be in another life? Interesting, eh? Anyone! Anything! The list is endless!

I’m not entirely sure I’d want to come back as a human. A lot of humans are pretty thick, pretty hard to live with and not a lot of fun. But then absolutely loads I know are great! Thoughtful, generous, engaging. But then that’s the thing with us humans, we do tend to judge one another. Your average guy animal just cares what a potential partner smells like, sows his oats and away with him. There’s a lot of single mothers in the human animal kingdom! If I did come back as a human, would I want to be unbelievably wealthy? I’m not sure, wealthy people tend to have to work harder to prove how down to earth they are if they want to be accepted by the man on the street and there’s a lot of ‘Oh, it’s alright for him, he’s loaded’. Would I want to be a celebrity? Eh, no way, hose! So much of the ‘sleb’ hype is nothing but a lair of backstabbing, falseness and insecurity. Would I want to be a really talented athlete? Maybe. But I’m not sure I could live with tripping on a hurdle or missing a shot that lost me an Olympic gold medal.

What about being a leaf? Just a leaf. Uncurling from the end of a branch. Spending my days in sunshine and rain, turning colour and then floating to the ground to be swept into a pile and burned at the bottom of someone’s garden. Not many windows for excitement there. I wouldn’t want to be a snail either, spending two years building my house, finally getting it in order before some great big foot squashes all my hard work into pieces, leaving me to slither into obscurity. Seahorses spend their days looking serene, maybe hanging onto a bit of reed. No hard work for the females, hand the kids to Dad and it’s off for a bit of floating around, doing nothing.

What if it didn’t matter what I was? Just that I was ok in my own little world. Some company would be nice. Maybe company on a regular basis would be better. What if I didn’t have to sweat the big stuff? Just did my best, letting others get on with their thing. Eating, being warm – two good options I’d take given the chance. And then whatever I was, just being around for a while, experiencing different things would also be nice.

In the grand scheme of things, I’d be happy with that.


2 responses to “Second Time Around

  1. i’d like to come back as me, with the knowledge that i have by the end of my life. and i’d like to be “comfortable” financially.
    would have agreed with you on the leaf thing but pupster chews them . . not pretty!!!

  2. aw towny! that’s a good one

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