Even Api’er Now

After a bit of a lost weekend in the beauty department, ie taking Thursday night’s make up off after I stumbled out of bed on Friday and then going from lunchtime Saturday until 10am Monday with the same stroke of MAC liquidlast and a few foundation top up’s to try to appear human throughout Sunday, my poor old skin needed a bit of TLC last night. I knew exactly what to reach for!

I’ve already told you how impressed I am with the different Apivita products I’ve tried but I’ve been using two more in the last few weeks.  Now, my skin has always been on the dry side but contrary to what you might think, all skin should be exfoliated on a regular basis. I didn’t really exfoliate my face until a few years ago as I thought it would dry it out even more. Not true! Exfoliating helps along the natural and cyclical process of skin renewal and adds a real polished and fresh appearance, which can only be a good thing! apivita-apricot-scrub6So, I scrubbed off the dirty-stop out cells with this fabulous Apricot based, glow inducing, ‘new me in a sachet’ product. This is what Apivita term their ‘Every Day’ mild exfoliant. The other active ingrediants include grains of jojoba, calendula oil and essential oils. I did try out the olive based ‘deep exfoliant’ but found it too harsh and a bit scratchy on my skin. The apricot one though is neither scratchy nor harsh and a little goes a long way, hard working product that it is. My skin definitely didn’t feel tight afterwards, as it can if the scrub isn’t part moisturising as well. The grains themselves are very small, which I like.

apivita-pink-clay1I then followed this up with my favourite new find, the Cleansing Face Mask with Pink Clay. Apivita have really come up trumps with this one! The texture is lovely, very light and easy to apply. It also smells divine which is always a bonus when you slather your face with a lotion or potion and want it to stay put for 10-15minutes. There’s rose juice in this and you get that really sensual rose smell off this straight away, but it’s not overpowering. So along with the pink clay there’s also wheat proteins, soothing camomille and more calendula. I was impressed that this came off much more easily than other masks I’ve tried, it really bugs me when after 10 splashes of water and a good rub my nose is still covered in mask and it’s back to the sink again! My skin felt really refreshed and clean afterwards. Oh it definitely knew I’d tried my best to make up for the shameful treatment I’d subjected it to all weekend [no need for me to even try to count up the units of alcohol and lovely fags I’d had]. But today, I did a double take when I realised how clear my skin was looking. And my complexion was much brighter than it had been. With this you really can see the difference the scrub and mask combo makes. Results aplenty! Score!


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