Today’s Post

Today’s post is about the fact that there is no Post today. There is a perfectly legitimate reason for this. It’s coming up to 10am and I’m literally just home from Saturday’s brunch. Oh! Managed to get my considerable goodie bag home intact though, that’s the main thing. I, myself, am not in as good a condition. 12 hours after arriving at the fabilis brunch, there were numbers exchanged and off we all went, homeward bound, supposedly. However, I was well aware that late HQ or ‘HQ2’ as Cathyfly put it, was still serving alcohol and encouraging people to dance. ‘HQ2, please’, I beamed at the nice taxi driver. So, there was a lot of dancing and there was more alcohol consumed. And there was kissing. And I’m smiling just thinking about him it. I think it’s now time I scraped off my MAC liquidlast…

*Update* This is the fabilis meet up that happened on Saturday including a list of what were in the goodie bags. There were spot prizes too, very impressively ‘one for everyone in the audience’! And this very coveted piece of kit is what I was delira to get my little paws on. Never fear, I shall use and report back.


6 responses to “Today’s Post

  1. Good woman GK! I wish I had as much success in the auld romance dept as yourself. You’ll have to let me in on your secret!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend.

    What was in the goodie bag?

  3. God bless your stamina missus! I would have loved a bit of dancing. And shure I wouldn’t say no to a bit of kissing either wha’…

    Can’t believe those shoes held you up til today…

  4. Dancin and kissin was it? Jasus there’s no stoppin ya missus!

  5. dellie – i’m not sure ‘success’ is the way to describe it, tbh, but i’ll gladly pass on any tips IF they come my way!
    ah sure, i’ve put in the practice so i’m not really surprised i was the last one standing!
    cathy, god bless YOUR stamina! you sounded so ill on saturday yet you did a good 12hr stint before calling it a day, or should that be a night? thanks again for organising

  6. oh there was dancin and kissin alright, missy 😉
    that’ll learn ye for leaving early!

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