Mamma Mia – Friday’s Here Again!

My my! How can I resist you? I suddenly lose control, Friday, there’s a fire within my soul! And this weekend I’m out out out celebrating!

Girlies, I’ve had a great few days and I’ve plenty of reasons to whip up a storm on the dancefloor. Something has happened and it’s something good. I can’t stop smiling and I’m not even talking about a guy! So I’m going out dancing and I’m taking you with me! Your feedback this week has been great so drinks are on me. No hangovers allowed. Only dancing and laughing! See you Monday x


3 responses to “Mamma Mia – Friday’s Here Again!

  1. Woo woo! You go girl. I’ll be in my pjs toasting my glass of red vino to you and your great news! I’ll be dancing inside 🙂

  2. hehe thanks dippy! enjoy your vino!

  3. that song makes me want to dance… hope you had a fun night out! i feel so old here in my pyjamas in bed before midnight 🙂

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