Step. Smile. Pause. Engage.

blonde-mascara-cartoon1You’ve made an arrangement. It’s for a certain time at a certain place. No problem. Fast forward 2 hours and, doing a quick timecheck, you realise that you might have to forego the smokey eye look tonight and indeed, throwing your top on a radiator to ‘iron’ out the creases might just have to do as well cos you’ve spent waaay too much time looking for that lipstick and now you’re late. Feckit anyway. Calm. Breathe. Breathe again. And relax. ‘Cop onto yourself’, are the words you hear in your head, but they’re not instilling a huge amount of confidence. Ok, Ok.. money, keys, lippy, phone. Check. Pause outside door and confirm that you don’t in fact need anything else. Walk and walk and.. ohjesusiforgottobring… Too late! Can’t go back. Or can you? No. And breathe again. You’re in 5inch heels, concentrate on getting from A to B in those instead. I can walk, I can walk.. no need to run. Ladies don’t run. Flick of hair. Taxi driver mistakes it for a nod and a wink and 2 seconds later you’re smiling as you realise that you’ll be on time after all. But oh the shame of the taxi pulling up right outside the pub you’re meeting at, it’ll just look so staged. Oh! Nothing you can do now, just sit until either the taxi driver or the doorman opens the car door for you to slink out of. Accept. Smile. Pause. Arrange legs. And glide. And glide. Glide right to the bar and try to remember not to shout at the young fella that takes your order. And smile. And repeat your order in a less nervous tone. And sip, SIP your drink. And turn and turn. And make the phone call. Confirm where the rest of the group are. And smile. And walk. And smile more cos they look like normal people. And smile even more cos you actually don’t know what you were worried about. And smile even more cos that girl with the gorgeous lippy complimented your earrings. And smile cos you weren’t the first person to spill a drink – not that it mattered anyway, you’re having too much fun to point out something as stupid as that. And then smile some more cos you’re not really sure why you were nervous in the first place. 

Saturday it is then girlies!


10 responses to “Step. Smile. Pause. Engage.

  1. Im so so jelous, I wish I was going, im jsut way too shy! Maybe next time? any chance of a camera being brought along?

  2. letsmakeup – it’s not easy for anyone to meet a group of people you only chat to online n have never met in person! honestly! just take the plunge when there’s another brunch, they’re great fun! you can do it….

  3. Oh man…now you’ve made ME nervous! I was quite fine with it until now 😉 Haha.

    Met 6 of my online pals last year and did that no bother. And i’d been speaking to them for the past what, 5/6 years before that! Now THAT was nerve-wracking!!

  4. i still don’t know if i’d go. . not sure i’d be as honest again because i’d worry about someone (not from beaut) seeing a photo of me and putting it all together hehe.

  5. Ah Glitter/everyone else, no need for nervousness! I haven’t met the girls before either but I feel like I’m going to meet some old friends. Dying to meet you! I’ll be there early so just show up and see you then. Are you really going for the 5 inch heels for lunch? 😉 cx

  6. girlies.. i was at the first brunch last year and it was a really great day! i’d encourage anyone to meet ups like these.. everyone’s in the same boat and there’ll be people there on sat. that i haven’t met before but i’m just looking forward to it at this stage!

    everyone has the common thread of and the conversation flows just as easily as it does on the blather, but with the added bonus of cocktails! yay!

  7. I went to the first one and honestly it was great crack. I arrived very late cos I was having a look around BTs (up from the country you know). I’d love to be going but I’m up the walls at work and have to come in over the weekend.

    Towney I am absoutley paranoid of being identified as well. My alias on beaut is very important to me. Do come to the next one.

  8. Dorothy Darker

    Oh Dahlings

    Never be too shy to embark on an adventure.

    Terribly miffed that I shan’t be attending myself as I have a terribly high profile celebrity event though I have booked my long-suffering secretary a seat as a little treat!

    I see Miss GlitterKitty you have a fondness for footwear also – in that case I challenge you to a ‘shoe-off’! I shall sent the little wretch along in my finest pair!

    High heels at noon then Dahling!!!


  9. we are VERY unscary, promise!

  10. til then, miss darker
    i’m sharpening the metal heels of my pied a terre’s as i type..

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