Enough With The Mo, Already

moustacheLookit, I feel I have to first point out that charitable donations are the way to go, including that all those rollercoaster ‘I’ve jumped off a cliff’ or ‘treked through several continents’ type efforts and are extremely admirable ways to spend your time while collecting for the greater good. However, I’m only feeling pain right now due to the absolute onslaught of facial hair coming in my direction. I feel totally attacked by ‘overfriendly’ follicles and eager to please pustules of keratin sprouting out from, well, Jesus, Lads, from all around me! I can’t help thinking that those Munster guys have a lot to answer for – sure how many impressionable males were watching the mighty game last Tuesday and felt that the only way to express their testosterone was to simply stop shaving? Even though they were due in work the following day. And the day after that. And the day after that got their supervisor to supposedly donate to the cause, no more questions asked. Ah lads, please! No girl, NO GIRL, let me tell you, likes to kiss a ‘tache.. there’s maybe a bit of leeway given to a ‘bordering on’ sexy goatee, but there’s nothing attractive about sucking on coarse hair dangling from an upper lip. And, at some point, most likely at 3.30am in your place, just after remembering that we bought pizza on the way home, that, well, having to actually point out you’ve a slice of pepperoni and a green pepper sitting somewhere between your nose and your mouth really doesn’t make us want to kiss you again. In fact, it might just make us Girls want to retreat into our fleecey pajamas, switch on more reruns of ‘Sex and the City’ and eat peanut butter straight from the jar. Wha? If you lot are going to do your thing, we’ll do ours.


5 responses to “Enough With The Mo, Already

  1. i completely agree. facial hair actually makes my skin crawl. the only i time i can actually run anyways fast is when boyf comes near me with a stubbly face. i am road runner if a tash or beard is approaching

  2. There are a few lads in work doing the Movember thing, and one of them (who gets on my wick at the best of times with his striding the corridors with his mobile glued to his ear, looking around for an audience and loudly saying things like “I’m a very busy man, what can I do you for?” in the most pompous and serious fashion imaginable) is insisting on calling *everyone* Mo’Brother and Mo’Sister.

    If he comes near me today I may actually have to thump him.

    It’s obviously for a great cause, but Jaysis the whole Movember thing just reminds me yet again that (a) no man can wear a tasche without looking like my Dad and (b) regardless of the colour of the hair on the head, beards and moustaches usually wind up being a skangery shade of ginger!

  3. hehe lynnie.. i can imagine! oh how annoying tho?! i’d telling him to Mo*Off if i’d to put up w that cr*p..
    and you’re dead right about the ‘skangery shade of ginger’

  4. Ah my fella is all beardy and I love it! It really suits him, but I can see why many girleens will be relieved when December finally rolls around!

  5. Dorothy Darker

    Perhaps if the chaps sport a movember
    Ladies copy in December
    Lets grow our taches be they mouse
    If its good for the gander, its good for the goose!

    Oh Dahlings
    Don’t mind a bit of Clive Owen/Aidan Quinn/Daniel Craig manly stubble but taches are so vile I just want to vomit bile!


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