Get Into The Friday Groove

Get up on your feet, yeah step to the beat, Boy what will it be? Ooohh how cool was Madonna circa 1984/85? The red lips, the tousled hair that actually had just gotten out of bed, the masses of jewellery wrapped around her wrists and neck. The lacey fingerless gloves! It was long before she turned into a veiny, muscly, control freak robot obsessed with Kabbalah Smalah, botox and small children from Africa. I wish she’d stayed in this groove that we all loved her for. As for her role as Susan in the eponymously named ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’, well Susan just didn’t care! She strutted up and down the street, nabbed a quick slug from her neighbours drink while standing at the bar and dried her armpits in the ladies after working up a sweat on the dancefloor. And she gave boys those kind of looks, you know the type I mean, the ‘eyebrow eyebrow, I’m up for it’ kind of look.

It’s hard to resist a bit of a shimmy to a song like this. And I’m not the type of girl to say no to a bit of Madonna. But proper Madonna – and I think you all know what I mean by that! So, it’s Friday! Get into the groove, Girlfriend!


2 responses to “Get Into The Friday Groove

  1. Dorothy Darker

    hmmm Desperately Seeking Aidan Quinn look alike who is available for witty banter and lots of fun nights out – happen to know him by any chance??
    If so send him ‘under the covers with Dorothy Darker’…

  2. Dorothy – I think might keep an Aiden Quinn lookalike under MY covers if I found him 😉 but I’d def let his brother know where to find you!

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