Everyone Wants a Furry Friend

bw-catI’ve already mentioned the various ‘fur’ that lives near me and I thought it was time I updated you on the little black & white cat. I’ve bumped into him quite a few times in the last couple of weeks. And while I always stop to chat for a few minutes, he’s taken to following me along the footpath until I stop again and resume our chatting and ear scratching! It’s very cute and he becomes quite vocal when I tell him I have things to do, have to go and then he just follows me again. Last weekend, I was walking home and I saw him sitting at the gate of one of the houses. As I got closer, I began to smile, I was happy to see him. Upon turning his head and realising it was me coming up the road, he gave a ‘Miaow’ and ran towards me! His ears were on full alert and his tail was trying to keep up with the rest of him as he picked up speed. And so the chatting, ear scratching and tail-wrapping around my ankles began! He’s such a lovely little kitty. And so, wasn’t I delighted all over again the other day when I met him along the road and he ran towards me again! Now, he got distracted by something, probably a billowing leaf or a butterfly or whatever and he dashed into a nearby garden. Fair enough, I thought, he has stuff to do, like myself, and off I went.
I had just started walking off when I saw another friend [human!] coming towards me. It was Spike’s Dad. So, we stopped to chat, catch up, as you do and then I told him that he was the second friend I’d met along the road. I explained that I’d met the little black & white cat and was telling how the kitty now runs towards me to say hello. I turned to point out the garden he’d gone into when on cue, the little cat came out onto the footpath again and ran straight up to me for another ear scratch! ‘See?’ I proclaimed, ‘we’re great friends!’. And with that, Spike’s Dad realised he was running late and we said goodbye.

Later on, I was heading out to watch the rugby. Naturally enough, I was wondering if the black & white cat would be out and about. There was a couple walking in front of me. The little kid started shouting ‘Cat! Caaaattt! Caaattt’, and the Dad told him ‘Not to shout as the Cat wouldn’t come out if he heard shouting as he might be frightened by it’. The Dad continued by saying that if they didn’t see the cat this time, that hopefully they would tomorrow. As I was passing them, I was chuckling away to myself. I was about to turn and say, ‘I saw the little cat earlier, he’s fine! He told me to say hello and that he might see you tomorrow’. But I stopped myself. Glitter! They will think you are a complete lunatic! So I said nothing, just walked on, secretly delighted that I had in fact seen the little kitty only a few hours previously.


5 responses to “Everyone Wants a Furry Friend

  1. Just how CUTE is that picture?! 🙂

  2. That pic is adorable. I’d love a kitten

  3. I convinced my ma 2take 2 kittens from friends lst wk @home. we already hav 2 cats, 11 hens,3 cocks & a donkey but i said go onnnn mom so she relented!! anyway, was trying to come up with names on sun and was so excited when my mom text 2say the kitties couldn’t be caught 😦 they’ll hav 2try again @de wkend!) any suggestions for names? i want to call one bimbo after our 1st cat that we had over eh (eek) 20 yrs ago.

  4. I love furry friends!! I have 3 strays at home; 2 are compeltely wild; one is half tame; and one had kittens so now I have 2 new furry friends, although they won’t let me near them (I have a bite mark and tetanus jab mark to prove it!). Next time you see your little black and white friends give it a wee tickle from me!

  5. hehe dellie, ‘bimbo’! sounds like you have quite the menagerie already! great that you’re giving 2 more little kitties a good home.. we’ve had so much fur over the years.. i think you’ll know what to call them the minute you have them in your arms 😉

    dippy! you still have a bite mark? i’m dying to see those little-ies properly, will have to call soon.. and i’ll def tell the black & white cat you said hello!

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