Go On The Munster

munster-rugby-logoLads, ye were feckin great. Mighty performance.

Oh, how my chest puffed up, when mere mortals and mere Leinster guys that were sharing my pub space were thinking the same as me.

Oh, how I leaned forward to catch every throw, to pick up every ball, to kick every ball.

To quote from many, many moons ago, ‘If you prick me, do I not bleed?’

Oh, I bleed.. and when I do, it’s a rich, rich colour of red.

paul-warwick*Update* It has come to note that I’m not the only female to notice the, ahem, charms of Munster hottie, Paul Warwick.

So, for purely selfish reasons, I had to update this post. Those steely eyes! That strong jawline. That manly chest!



9 responses to “Go On The Munster

  1. nice, very nice!!

  2. yum yum!!!!! although it was brought to my attention that rugger players wear padding which is why their moobs look so massive? Is this true – Id like to think not!

  3. rwar! I’d have a bit of that.

  4. ams, they do wear a bit of padding but tbh, it doesn’t make much of a difference to their outline.. all those guys work v v hard in the gym!

  5. He has a slight Heath Ledger look about him…

  6. Girls, those moobs are alll his own. They don’t wear any protective gear under their shirts for the publicity shots (but in matches there is under-armour which pads the upper arms and pecs/ribs).

    And as a leinster supporter I’d have to say it was an amazing game and made me proud to share the same island as munster !

  7. Glitter – he is a fine specimen alright.

  8. Dorothy Darker


    hate to be the voice of dissent here but ruggers just don’t rock my kasbah!

    there’s always one dahlings!


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