Friday Heaven

It’s just like a dream! Well if you could decide what you wanted to this weekend and I mean, if you could do anything, what would you do? Your most heavenly thoughts could come true – what would they be?

I’ve already given you some insight as to what my dreams are made of, but what are in your dreams? Or, who is in your dreams? It’s all so fantastical to daydream about that actor or athlete bursting through the door and sweeping you off your feet, taking you away from a life of end month finances, your colleague with the bad breath or wandering eye, the trudge into work squeezed onto the last Dart that will get you to your desk on time or the smile you literally have to paint on your face in order not to kill your most demanding client… sure that list is endless!

And then maybe, you think that you can stay in your crappy job or rent a tiny flat at an exorbitant rent because when you close the door after another day earning another dollar, well, things aren’t that bad -you’ve already found the person of your dreams and you’re in heaven each and every time you’re with them. And that’ll do nicely for now.


8 responses to “Friday Heaven

  1. to be rich and not have to work lol. i have most everything else i could want, lovely family, lovely boyf, lovely friends, lovely pupster. oh and a blog, i’d love to get one of them together

  2. towny! off w you and blog! i for one would be reading…

  3. To have the time and money to get a PhD in Art History and then try to become the next Andrew Graham Dixon or Waldewar Januszczak 🙂

  4. To be able to walk out of this job and tell them I don’t need the hassle any more, and then to be financially secure FOREVAH!!! I have a gorgeous Hubs, great family and friends. I would actually love to do a law degree if I had the funds and the time, and then move to France where I would blog all day

  5. To not have to work and be financially secure and be able to stay at home with (hopefully) a few kids in a house that we could afford to buy ourselves. Everything else is great.

  6. Mmmm!! what would i do………
    I’d set up a restaurant i think and then travel the world for wines and culinary tips and new recipes!!! 🙂

  7. I’d like to do a degree in arthitecture but cos that takes 6 years or something – tis too late. Can never understandwhay it takes so long tbh.

    If I had the funds I would do a law degree in employment law and will probaly will do it at some stage.

    I like my job most of the time. I was never one of these people who didn’t want to work.

  8. Dorothy Darker

    Dream a little dream…
    Aidan Quinn to leave his wife
    Could be the making of my life.
    Or lying naked in the sack
    A blue-eyed boy who’d ring me back!!!

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