Blue, Blue, Electric Blue

blue-bigI didn’t even notice the girl taking the seat in front of me on the bus. I was daydreaming out the window at the time when suddenly there was this mass of long, luxuriant brown hair sharing my journey. I was still admiring her hair when she reached into her handbag and it was at that point I became mesmerised. Her perfectly manicured, cut short nails had been dipped in the most fabulous colour of blue. I couldn’t take my eyes off them! Much as it’s almost surprising to see someone bother to look after their nails, this colour just stood out from the rest of her outfit. It’s a hard to describe hue. Block blue that’s a couple of shades darker than my box of Camel Lights, almost a kind of neon blue without the blinding cerise that usually accompanies it on the wall of a club.

I leaned forward to ask the girl exactly what nail varnish she was wearing but she’d opened a bag of crisps and I thought I’d let her finish eating them before accosting her at the back of a 15a. I was dying to know what the nail varnish was by the time she had finished and I leaned forward again to enquire of her. But she had the wrapper ripped off a Mars bar before I could even open my mouth! Tch! I’d have to wait until she’d eaten that now! I was nearly losing the will to live when she literally didn’t take a breath between swallowing the last of her Mars and swigging out of a bottle of Club Orange! I’d never find out what the bleepin’ nail varnish was and I was getting off at the next stop!

She came up for air and I took my opportunity.

‘Excuse me? I’d love to know what nail varnish you’re wearing’.

‘Oh! That’s so funny! she remarked. ‘Every time I wear this someone asks me what colour it is!’

At that point I nearly forgot what she was referring to as when she turned around all I could see were these huge, deep, brown eyes lined with a fabulous, sexy kittenish flick of black liquid and lips the colour of light pink rose petals.

‘And the thing is, the thing is, it’s a nail varnish I got in Dunnes for about €1.50! Even though I was slightly late for my lunch date, I realised that I would be going past the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, so technically, I could pop in along the way.

‘Now’, she said, ‘it can be very hard to find, it must sell out really quickly, but that’s definitely where I got it’.

I thanked her profusely and asked her to wish me luck as I told her I was going to seek it out pronto.

I don’t think the ground floor of Dunnes knew what hit it when I dashed through various shirts, trousers, knickers and socks in search of the cosmetics section.

And then, as though it was destiny, I could see the bottle of blue on the top shelf when I was about 25ft from the stand. I wrapped my little hands around it and lovingly took it to the till. Oh you’re mine now. All mine.


Check out the Essence collection here, the nail varnish I bought is ‘Shocking Blue’ from the Colour & Go range.


11 responses to “Blue, Blue, Electric Blue

  1. I have that too, and the green and the purple…and another kind of pinky purple…and the coconut kiss one…

    Collection 2000 do a brilliant blue, can’t remember what it is but its a really bright kind of neon blue…

  2. I have a deadly blue varnish from Sephora, it’s really bright and a lovely solid colour, people always comment on it when I wear it! And I’ve got a blue Rimmel one on today! Weird!

  3. Dontcha just love it when a plan comes together 😉

  4. lmw! i have that Collection 2000 one and it’s fab!
    i must point out that this purchase brought it up to 6, maybe 7 different blue nail varnishes that i have….

  5. GK – Do you have Chanel’s Blue Satin? One of my favs… 🙂

  6. GK – Do you have Chanel’s Blue Satin? One of my favs… 🙂

  7. i don’t actu have it monty.. i know you love it 😉 haven’t ever seen it at chanel counter, certain colours always sell out v quickly… but i do have the tesco, yes tesco navy in the tiny bottle – it’s fab! really long lasting and a great shade.. think it was €3.99? result!

  8. That post came up twice… sorry!

  9. GK, the collection 2000 navy is fab too…

  10. Hi – I have a nice purple on me today. I don’t wear blues not because I don’t like them as such but because when this type of nail clour starting coming in about 4 years ago a girl I don’t like use to wear blue nail varnish on her toes.

    Mental I know but everytime I see blue nail it reminds me of her…

  11. haha.. i think everyone has ‘issues’ like that, becks! there a particular brand of crisps AND a particular brand of shampoo i can’t even look at without them reminder me of 2 different and thankfully in the past ex’s!

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