Ooogly Googly

heartSo, you meet someone nice. You arrange to meet again. What’s the first thing you do? Maybe tell your best friend? What’s the next thing you do? Do you Google the guy or girl you’ve just met? Do you? Definitely yes or definitely no? Have you more than just thought about doing it? Has google-logosomeone else suggested it and you’ve been appalled at the idea of  delving into someone else’s past so quickly?
I remember the first time a guy admitted he googled me. I broken-heartwas a little taken aback [this was about 8 or so years ago]. I just wasn’t sure how to react. I guess my response was a loud and inquisitive ‘You did whaaaaat?? OMG!!’ but I do remember his line was ‘OMG is right! You didn’t tell me….’. Now, his main reaction was shock at me omitting something to do with my job at the time, which, truth be told was a fairly harmless thing for him to find out about but even still, having not googled myself at the time, I didn’t know what other info he might’ve gleaned from becoming a prying pc pixie!
Thankfully, as he was so interested in this thing to do with my job, the following conversation resulted in me saying ‘Oh! Did I not tell you..?’ and the resulting brownie points I earned as I gave him some gossip to mull over came in very useful over time!
Recently, I mentioned meeting someone and the instant response from a friend was ‘Have you googled him?’, not ‘Are you going to google him?’ or ‘You could google him..’ but the assumption was that I was going to and she was just wondering if I’d done it yet. My reply was a resounding ‘No, I haven’t and I won’t be googling him either. So there’. but it seems I’m in the majority as a recent poll suggests that more people google a potential partner that those that don’t! And it seems nearly nine out of ten wouldn’t be offended if told that they had been googled before a date as chances are they’ve ‘also googled the other person’. Romantic, huh?
Call me old fashioned, but I like talking to people, I like talking to them and finding out what makes them tick. I like to watch and see how they react to other people. I like to see how other people respond to them. I like to see the look on their face when describing why they follow a particular sports team or why even the thought of strawberries make them blush. Finding out in person all those little things about someone like if they prefer cats to dogs, where they had their first kiss, how they got that scar on their knee and what their favourite city is, are what make the beginnings of a friendship great! Not just reading about them on a pc monitor, the window merely stamped sized in case your boss walks in and inbetween client phone calls! It’s just not the same.. and, well, depending on what you do find out through hours of trawling the internet like some information deprived demon, you may not like some of it – which may lead to much sitting on fingers or gnawing of knuckles not being able to reveal what you’ve found out. I’d prefer to find out in person, then you always have the option of throwing a pint over their head right there and then!

But that’s just my opinion, what would you do?


5 responses to “Ooogly Googly

  1. I met my boyf on t’internet, but his profile name was an anagram, so when I figured it out I googled the feck out of it and he caught me looking at his Bebo page in the who’s viewed me section! We just had a giggle about it though, changing times I suppose! 🙂

  2. i google everyone and everything … and never ever find out anything … i must not know anyone very exciting !

  3. yep.. changing times, Kitty!

    Hockeysticks – have you ever googled yourself ? 😉

  4. I’ve googled friends and family quite a few times, but I think its just when I’m bored. Nothing interesting ever came from it.

  5. Dorothy Darker

    Its good to google!
    I google by night, I google by day,
    I may have googled my life away.
    I google mankind but being on the shelf
    I hit those keys and google myself!

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