Greetings and Salutations to you, Christian Slater!

Palazzo del CasinoChristian Slater. Christian Slater. Mmm mmm! Just what is it about this bad boy that keeps my other thoughts such great company? Is it the ‘eyebrow’ thing? Definitely. When I see Christian doing his best Jack ‘The Joker’ Nicholson eyebrow, I just know that I’m going to like what he does next. It’s the suggestion, the hint and intrigue of a thousand possibilities that would soo also be the kind of thing one of his best known characters, JD from the movie ‘Heathers’ would do.
And did I mention that the chance is that it’d be something bad? Or perhaps something interesting is the best way to describe it!
Of course, I’m thinking about him right now as JD in Heathers.. the dark, brooding look on his face as he follows the Heathers wreaking havoc all over the school canteen. I’m thinking about the way he decided he wanted Winona Ryder’s character and well, that was that. He climbed in her bedroom window and after a quick bit of croquet; he had his wicked way with her under the big tree in the lawn! Well, really, would you say no? It’s just that those eyes know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you. Are you picturing him in a leather jacket yet? I can’t but help picture him in a leather jacket…christian-slater11

Now, the thing is Girlies, I’ve actually shared some space with the gorgeous Mr Slater! We were in the same room at the same time – the fact that he was onstage as RP McMurphy, pictured left, christianslater130during a 2006 West End performance of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ at the time still counts, y’know! He was great in this role, made for it you could say [while also cleverly taking over the mantle from Jack Nicholson in the film version, see what I did there?]. He whooped and shouted his way all over the psych ward and even got down to just a pair of jocks at one point [be still my beating heart!]. *Sigh* Do I really need to add any more?  


One response to “Greetings and Salutations to you, Christian Slater!

  1. Christian Bale yum yum…. Mr Slater is okayyyy… Sorry GK!

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