Girls Just Wanna Have Friday Fun

OOOOOOHHHH girls just wannna haave fuuunnnn. Especially on a Friday, eh? When the working day is done, girls, they just wanna have fun! OOOO baby, don’t you just know it! Now, those of you that have picked up on the ‘Friday Feeling’ posts here will, I’m sure have been wondering just when this little ditty from the inimitable Ms Lauper was going to appear. Well, press play and relive a classic hairbrush in the bedroom, singing into the mirror moment! 

I loved this song… still love this song! When I first saw Cyndi Lauper I thought she was so cool, look at the clothes she wears in this video, brilliant. They’re such an extension of the dressing up box we all wanted as little girls. I remember reading in Smash Hits that she had 60 eyeshadows [60!!!] and well, that was it, she was officially the person I wanted to be. I danced around to this song when I bought the single and I still dance around to it now. You could say I’ve lived my life by the title of the song – and with that, I’ve said enough.


2 responses to “Girls Just Wanna Have Friday Fun

  1. lol. my sis gave me this record, yes record for my 11th birthday. sigh. i absolutely love this song. happy friday.x

  2. happy friday chick! kisses to the pupster!

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