Hypnotise Me

hypnoseThere is something instantly intriguing when surprised with a waft of heady scent. Let’s not talk about nasty whiffs here, I mean the luxury and thought provoking aroma of a beautiful perfume.

A very glamorous friend of mine wears the classic Chanel No5. No matter how many times this delightful scent alerts me to her presence; I always stop and admire it. It’s floral, light notes stops me in my tracks and I’m not the only one. Even though I know what perfume it is, I frequently forget and ask her, to the same reply, ‘Glitter, I only ever wear one perfume’.

Now, I must admit, I’m a quite recent convert to the beguiling power of perfume. It’s said that the same perfume smells differently on different people but how do you know that a perfume is for you? Well, having at first sampled my particular perfume in the midst of many other luxury brands in a well known cosmetics department; I was immediately drawn to its unusual fragrance. To complete my outfit that night, I dabbed some behind each ear and on each wrist and headed out. I was barely in the pub door when someone commented on ‘How nice I smelled’. And so did another person. I was just thinking about this as I went outside to the smoking room and was wondering just what the power of this perfume was, when a guy I didn’t know opened with the line ‘Excuse me, I don’t want to be rude, but can I ask what perfume you’re wearing? It’s really gorgeous’. Wow! It didn’t stop there as even above the heavy scent of tobacco there were more compliments.

And the funny thing was, was  that each time a guy asked what perfume I had on, the question was accompanied with a little raise of an eyebrow and a slight purse of lips – by them, not me! And each time it has happened since, my response has been the same, a knowing smile as I drink in the attention and sashay away provoking just as much intrigue as my perfume.


18 responses to “Hypnotise Me

  1. im all curious, what perfume is it? i adore armani code and V&R flowerbomb 2 of my fav’s. the armani code always gets complimented. and ivea bottle of No.5 at home waiting to be used

  2. the clue is in the title, Poppins! and the pic! it’s ‘Hypnose’ by Lancome!

  3. GK I copped that AFTER i posted!!!!!! 😳 anyhow tis fab perfume, my sister has a big bottle which she never uses i may have to borrow it 😉

  4. haha Poppins, i’m always doing stuff like that! i’d deffo be ‘borrowing’ if i were you 😉

  5. I don’t think I’ve smelled Hypnose ever, might check it out! I never used to bother with perfume as they tended to all smell the same to me, but I love Gaultier’s new MaDame one, tis loverly!

  6. do check it out, kitty – it’s laahhvly!

  7. when this came out there were loads of them in a display in debenhams and my sister and me were trying to spray some on us to try it out, but it was really hard to get out of the bottle. We eventually got a bit out (and were completely unimpressed and confused) after pressing the top multiple times….and then a sales assistant came over and said ‘oh they;re just for display, they’re all filled with vinegar!’ SCARLEH!!!

  8. I have manys a memory of a certain little glitterkitty complaining about the amount of fabulous scentfulness I used on myself!!! Anyway, don’t think I’ve experienced Hypnose. My faves are D&G Light Blue and Ghost Deep Night – people always comment on how lovely they are. One night, my bf’s uncle was hugging me goodbye and asked what perfume Ii was wearing. I was sooo taken aback. I figure he wanted to buy it for his wife…I hope!!!

  9. Dorothy Darker

    Scent of a woman!
    To talk of smells is so uncouth
    On weekdays, though, I wear the Truth.
    When nighttime falls, I crave romance
    And hope, a beau, will smell his Chance!

  10. hehe SCARLEH for ye meself there Boozy!

    as for Dippy and Dorothy.. well, the jury’s out on you two 🙄

  11. Love hypnose, nicer on my sister than on me though! I’m a perfume hoarder though, my dresser is filled with them…at the moment I’m working my way through Hugo XX, Valentino Rock n Rose, Clinique Happy for daywear and Hugo Deep Red, Deep Purple, Armani Code for night time…

  12. i wore ‘happy’ for a bit, lmw.. it’s nice! didn’t grab me like ‘hypnose’ tho..

  13. and just to add, the d&g is laahvly on you dippy.. dorothy, tell me more about this ‘truth’ perfume 😉

  14. I used to love Hypnose but one day I came into the office with it on and I also had cocoa butter body lotion on and the lads were asking why I smelt like a rice krispie square!

    I wear armani for day and I also wear hugo deep red for night and gaultier2 as I like manly scents too!

  15. Dorothy Darker

    You want the Truth – you can’t handle the Truth!

    I’ve been with Calvin Klein for several years though the relationship is coming to an end. First I tried to Escape but after a while decided I was more of a Contradiction. But then came the Truth. Now I prefer to take a Chance as I’m nearly finished with the Truth, Dahlings!
    Must Dash


  16. a rice krispie square!! lol ams!

    dorothy, y’all come back here real soon, y’hear!

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