This Is Me

A recent Irish Times article, listed the regrets of the journalist during the Boom Time of the last few years. I have my own little list, but it’s not one of regret, it’s a list of things I’m proud of:

I cook the best lasagne you will taste; I get lots of compliments when I wear a short skirt but dress for myself and no one else; I’m a huge sports fan and chances are I know about it than your boyfriend; I’ve given up ‘a good job’ to go travelling, on my own; I stand up for myself, even if no one else will; I’m a very good friend to have on your side; I can drink bourbon until the cows come home still be fine the next day; I went through with a Gorge Swing from 55m over Victoria Falls; I’ve kissed boys I wanted to kiss; I moved out of home at 17; I own a pair of 5inch heels and regularly wear them; I have the biggest collection of books I know and all of which have been read; I’ve never been afraid to say ‘Fuckit’ before doing something I really wanted to do; I’ve had life changing moments, moved on and learnt from them; my cats know how much I love them.. and so do my family; I’m never rude but I don’t put up with patronising people or bullies; I painted my apartment myself; I always bump into someone I know; I’ve been in love and I’ve been in lust and right now I’m happy to just be me.


14 responses to “This Is Me

  1. Glitterkitty, you are a Legend.

    End of.

    That’s why I’m putting your name forward for President of the Universe.


  2. Thats brill. That is an exercise that we should all do! I’m proud for you too with those achievements! Fair play glitterkitty!

  3. This is brill. Well done girlie. And i agree with Monty… Glitterkitty for POTU

  4. *shock* thanks girlies! your comments have deffo set me up for the day! woo and hoo!

  5. aw that was lovely to read GK, im proud of you 🙂

  6. Yeah baby!x

  7. Hey! Great post. Nice and Bright – may do a similar one meself 🙂

    Just wondering if you’ve a link to the Irish Times Articles? Or, o you know who wrote it?


  8. Great post. I must do the same ……..sometime.

  9. hi clare, ta for that.. the journo is mary rose o’sullivan and it was in the saturday supplement 2 w/ends ago.. i had intended to put it up as i have it as a jpeg but wordpress was acting up last night!

  10. Great post. Inspires me to compile a list of my own. Any chance of sharing the best lasagne recipe so one day I can be proud of my cooking!

  11. hehe freya.. it involves throwing a bit of stuff in here and there, doing the odd taste along the way and having people i like to share some wine with!
    i’m sure your lasagne is great as it is!

  12. And you’ve a lovely 7 series Glitter, don’t forget about that!

  13. hehe aphro! HOW could i forget about the 7 series..?!

  14. So refreshing to hear someone acknowledge the positives. Must try harder to do the same!

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