The other night I woke to the sound of my name being called out. It was my Mom. Except it wasn’t. There was no sound at all, no one moving around and it was dark. I even called out to her and got no answer. I was ever so slightly creeped out by that but I didn’t dwell on it too much.
There was another time, however, when I was totally creeped out in the middle of the night and even thinking about it now has me out in goosebumps!
Ok, I’ve already told you that I live on my own on a busy road in a very urban area etc. The house is old and there are always plenty of people walking by at all hours of the day, no big deal. So, I’m well used to sleeping with a certain amount of movement going on outside… but it’s sleeping with a certain amount of movement inside my place that posed a problem in this case.
I really don’t think I was asleep beforehand, maybe I was but only very lightly that night. I suddenly just got this feeling. More like a sensation, something wasn’t right. I noticed that I was holding my breath but I was afraid to exhale. I was lying on my side, facing the window and I could feel what I can only describe as someone else, lying beside me in bed! Lying right up against me with their arm around me, their hand right over my waist. WTF? I had gone to bed on my own. I hadn’t been drinking. I’m a very light sleeper at the best of times and no particular sound had woken me. I very slowly exhaled and tried to take another breath without moving an inch. This feeling was so real! This feeling of someone else lying beside me in bed! I was afraid for my life to turn my head. It took ages before I could even open my eyes! When I did, very slowly, I could still get this feeling all along my side, as though someone was still there beside me!
This was just so weird. I knew I had to be brave and check the other side of the bed. I was petrified. I kind of shifted slightly in the position I’d now been in for at least 10 waking minutes. Nothing changed. There was still no sound but I felt rooted to the spot. I shuffled a bit more and rocked halfway onto my back. I put my hand out a little from my side and I felt nothing. A few minutes later and I was able to lie fully on my back, I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. My clothes were on the chair, my phone beside the lamp, my book where I left it. Oh! Even in the full light I still felt so spooked! I was desperately trying to separate fact from fiction. It’s so easy to say that it was my imagination, that I was dreaming etc but nothing has ever felt so real! Ten times out of ten I would swear to you that someone or something was definitely beside me that night.


6 responses to “I.Can’t.Move.

  1. I was freaked out just reading that!

  2. That is really spooky.

  3. it happened about 3/4 months ago, yet i’m still really freaked out about it! *shiver*

  4. That sort of stuff freaks me out…the night after my granny died, I could feel someone in the bed beside me, and everyone in my family did that night too…

    Although if I hadn’t known it was her I probably would still be rooted to the spot right now

  5. This has now happened to me 3 times! It’s always different everytime. But each time I wake up and I can’t move. The last time that it’s happened I felt as if someone was laying beside me. I looked it up on google. And found that it’s been happening to other people too. They wake up in the middle of the night but can’t move. I’ve looked more into and am almost positive that what is happening to me is sleep paralysis.

    Symptoms of sleep paralysis can be either one of the following or a combination:

    * Paralysis: this occurs after waking up or shortly before falling asleep. The person cannot move any body part, and only has minimal control over blinking, breathing, and very rarely, movement of the jaw. This paralysis is the same paralysis that occurs when dreaming. The brain paralyzes the muscles to prevent possible injury during dreams, as some body parts may move during dreaming. If the person wakes up suddenly, the brain may still think that it is dreaming, and sustains the paralysis.

    * Hallucinations: Images or speaking that appear during the paralysis. The person may think that someone is standing beside them or they may hear strange sounds. These may be dreamlike, possibly causing the person to think that they are still dreaming. Often it is reported as feeling a weight on one’s chest, as if being underneath a person or heavy object.

    These symptoms can last from mere seconds to several minutes (although they can feel like much longer) and can be frightening to the person. There may be some body movement, but it is very unlikely and hard for a person to accomplish.

  6. I had that happend tp me alot of times,but it was like 4 or 5 in the morning..one day it happen again,but this time it was more mest up. I scream,my mother name,an my brother,because the rooms was so close to each other. But then a dark figure was standing over me,an then jump into me,an i starded to shake!,and shake! Like the only thing i could do was talk in my head. But then i thought about what my mama said(things will go away when u say in the blood of jesus) so i said that,an it stop. but i ask my mama,an brother could they hear,an they said no.

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