Do You Déjà Vu?

Déjà vu is a funny one. Suddenly, there you are, lost in conversation about whether to wear skinny jeans or the jeans you actually fit into for Saturday night on the town and you realise that you’ve been in this conversation before. Or well, you’re saying to yourself that you can’t have had this conversation before because its only happening now. But you then realise that when your BF says she wants to try out a new bar, you already knew she was going to suggest it! Huh? Weird, right? How could you have known what someone was going to say before they say it? [Apart from when your mother sees you in that mini skirt or when your Father sees you spark up a fag in the kitchen]

I get déjà vu all the time, all the time. I’m used to it now though and it doesn’t freak me out anymore, but it is a bit of a spooky thing when it happens. I could be watching telly and maybe that particular episode of Desperate Housewives isn’t all that engaging and I see the scenes just before they’re played out, word for word, even though I’m not all that interested in the storyline. Sitting around the kitchen table chatting, a particular subject comes up and I know exactly what my uncle has to say about the matter because I’ve heard him say it word for word somewhere before while in that exact scenario, same people, same timing, everything. Or I go visit someone and his or her sitting room is very familiar, despite my never being there before. Or someone walks into the pub and just when I slag off their football team, their reply while changing subjects doesn’t surprise me in the least and neither does the fact that when another friend walks in, I’ve already seen her in that outfit, standing at the same bar, talking to that guy, yet later she’ll tell me the outfit is new and introduce the guy.  

There are a few theories about déjà vu, but there doesn’t seem to be anything conclusive. Like the one whereby you actually dreamt the scenario before it happened so that’s why it seems familiar. Okaaayy, so I can see the future in my dreams? Would ye explain that one to me now? And while you’re at it, please let me dream about next weeks winning lotto numbers tonight!


One response to “Do You Déjà Vu?

  1. Lol… could do with those myself!

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