I was just thinking…

For the week that’s in it, I might have a theme. It is coming up to All Hallow’s Eve, after all! When I was even smaller than I am now, I did the dressing up and I did the see who can eat the most sweets.. I got jealous cos someone else had a better mask than me, but got revenge by holding his or her head under the water bobbing for apples for that extra little bit of time.. ah! such lovely memories! Mind you, it was all plain sailing back then – I’m a lot older now and I’ve certainly seen the odd Wizard’s Wand that I’d rather not have and heard more than one Witch cackling away at her own supposed genius.


One response to “I was just thinking…

  1. Dorothy Darker

    Skeletons in one’s closet!
    The hound may howl, ignore his cry,
    It’s time to kick his arse good bye.
    Bite off his wings, discard the drone,
    Once you’re finished with his bone!

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