Club Tropicana – Friday’s Free!

Wha? DRINKS ARE FREE? Jaysis, I must get meself down to Club Tropicana so! The drinks in Club M and Club Knackerydoo are awful expensive these days!

Mind you, I’m not sure if I’d be up to all those young wans in Club Tropicana – not a stitch on them! Not a stitch, I tell ye! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the sight of Georgie in his tighty whiteys nearly put me blind! Now, I’m a bit suspicious of that guy with the ‘tache on the door but sure I’ll get over it – get me to the bar!

[Now you’re sure I don’t have to pay for a drink? What ar’ye havin’ so?]


2 responses to “Club Tropicana – Friday’s Free!

  1. You can’t bate a bit a cheese on a Friday 😉

  2. ye can’t monty! can.not. 😉

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