Chipshop Katona – where to start?

It’s a good question, right? Kerry Katona’s life is a total, recorded for all to see, car crash. The fact that she found fame with girl band Atomic Kitten seems so long ago [it was 2001] that you’d be forgiven for not remembering she was once a singer [having previously been a stripper]. The fact that she’s probably snorted half the coke in South America, been in rehab for ahem, depression and admittedly smoked her way through at least her last [and fourth] pregnancy alone is enough to get her a whole episode with Jeremy Kyle. Another one could be devoted to the fact that she’s lucky she still has her youngest kids, the two older girls being mostly brought up by her first husband’s family. But when she opens her mouth and you realise that she has to be the most common type of slag you could find, everything falls into place. Throw in the fact that her latest paid ‘work’ is for allowing £15,000 worth of lipsuction to be filmed and it just becomes an endless stream of what can she do next?

To me, it’s very hard to justify that this chavvy, slutty, loudmouth who’s grating voice is like fingernails going down a chalkboard, who’s idea of important world events consist of a continued slagging match with Jordan in the tabloids, is 1] a celebrity [and I use the term very loosely] and 2] that she has made millions on the back of being one of the most horrible people ever spawned.

Her recent MTV reality ‘show’ consisted of herself and her second husband roaring and shouting at each other across the kitchen table in true common as muck style, she denying everything reported about her in the tabloids or being in the back of the car whinging about not being able to stay in bed all day. He’s rude and arrogant, she’s a moany cow, there doesn’t seem to be a brain cell between them, yet you get the impression that she really believes that she should be treated like a queen!

This video, from a live TV daytime show earlier this week, says it all. Watch it and you’ll practically see the words ‘I’m a Drunken Mess’ tattooed across her forehead.

**Update** This appearance on ‘This Morning’ has been the talking point in today’s papers. While I acknowledge that Kerry may have only been on prescription medication, like she says, she should just disappear for a bit and sort herself out. She’s had several trips to rehab for various things but if she really wants to get better she needs time away from the Press and should live her life without a camera crew trailing her every move. I personally don’t think she’ll do this because she’s nothing but a fame whore that would do anything for a bit of cash and a camera flash.


27 responses to “Chipshop Katona – where to start?

  1. *small voice* I like Kerry…I think she’s brilliant. I think she’s misunderstood and a bit of a mess at the moment…but that ultimately, she’s a good person who is just a bit lost.

    But I know that i’m about the only one in the world who thinks so!

  2. you’re not actually, Lindsay, people have been defending her all day today! she may be a good person, but that’s waay, waay underneath the fame seeking, gobby chav image that’s so evident wherever she appears

  3. My mam saw her with Fern & Phil yesterday and said she was an absolute mess, ick she’s such a mouth.

  4. I know this might sound hard but I have very very little pity for her. I don’t think she’s misunderstood at all. I think we understand her quite well. Let’s face it, with ‘performances’ like this, she’s made it very easy for us to see her for what she REALLY is.

  5. and who is it among her team of peeps that thought it a good idea to let her on tv in that state ? whatever caused it. i feel a britney spears type thing coming on sigh

  6. i’m deffo with you monty, obviously 😉

    towny – ‘this morning’ defended themselves and said they hadn’t a chance to talk to her beforehand as she arrived late
    but their agony aunt [pious beeatch], asked this very question albeit in a v forgiving way, said the husband shouldn’t have let it go ahead.. but IMO, he’s as bad as her

  7. GK – They’re well met alright… He’s in it for every penny he can get his dirty hands on

  8. i agree glitter, i meant her own personal team of peeps, not lovely fern and phil. you’re right, boyf would sit on me before he’d let me out the door in that state. i’m telling ya, tis britney all over again. can’t help feel a bit sad

  9. jeeeeesus christ. poor girl. i can’t even watch the whole thing…. she reminds me of anna nicole smith.

  10. ‘Bit of cash and a camera flash’ Chipshop’s mantra 😉

  11. No sympathy what so ever – someone that snorts there way through their pregnancy should be locked up. I happen to know quite a lot about the medication that she takes and claimed caused her slurring, and in my experience this medication does not cause speach impairment – booze first thing in the morning does however. She uses her bipolar disorder as an excuse for all her disgusting behaviour and gives people with the condition a terrible reputation. It’s not her bipolar disorder that is to blame, it’s the fact she’s a loud mouth junkie skank.

    It’s funny – celebrities used to be the people we looked and wishe we could be, now theya re the people we say “Thank God I’m not!”

  12. v v true, pink

  13. i agree pink, a friend of mine has the same and sometimes her speech is a bit slurred at first but she makes perfect sense. kerry was on something a bit more than just that methinks.

    makes me angry too, so hard for people to live their lives when they’re mentally ill, that loolah does nothing to help does she

  14. Oh deary me… I’m frightenedd to say it but, I feel for her. Yes, she’s a mess, yes, she’s a bit of chav, but she’s still human and it must be hard to live with bipolar and with a fecker of an ugly husband on top of it all!! And I may I just a little “booooo” to Philip and Fern for being a little un Philip and Fern like in their aggressive internview style. 🙂

  15. Townygirl – Is she really bipolar though? Maybe I’m an auld world weary cynic but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was made up to explain away some of her antics

  16. i suppose that’s possible montyc, we’ll probably never know will we. i’d rather be rich than famous, that’s for sure!

  17. Monty – that is most certainly my belief. Even if she is bipolar – there are plenty of bipolar people out there that do NOT take coke while pregnant and sell themselves to the Media. Sure her own mother claims she was a prostitute – again not something one does simply becasue they are bipolar

  18. underneath it all though she’s a very insecure girl. she didn’t have the best upbringing and i don’t care what anyone says that has to have had a major impact on her. did anyone see her on ryan confidential years ago. all she wanted was to be loved. its sad that her life has gone down this road. If only she had a ma and dad like britney who would do an intervention. soooo sad!

  19. dellie, i see where you’re coming from but she’s had more than one chance to sort herself out, was lucky to be able to pay to go to The Priory [more than once] and thing is, if she really wanted to sort herself out she has had the opportunity – i just think her fame whoring ways win out every time and she isn’t prepared to change, which everyone with problems and addictions have a choice to do

    dippy – don’t be afraid to say what you think! your opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s!

  20. Dellie – She choose this road and is marching right down the middle of it with an MTV crew tailing after her filiming every step she takes.

  21. I never felt sorry for Kerry. She broke up with her husband and had a hard upbringing – she’s not the only one. Whats different about her is she got a chance and is pissing it away? Not too impressed with Brian fecking off to the other side of the world when he has 2 young kids over here. But he married her so enough said.

    As far being misunderstood its a pity she could not do a few interviews or something and explain to everyone she is really like.

  22. becks, AFAIK, she did the mtv reality show cos she wanted people to see the real her.. and well, we did see the real her.. skanky mcskank married to the real mcsh*t.. nuff said

  23. Ah lads, to a certain extent the woman is SERIOUSLY mentally ill. Obviously I don’t believe that this abdicates her from all responsibility for her behaviour, but those who should be looking out for her best interests (ie: her husband, minders etc) are using her volatility for their own gain.

    Not everyone in society is born and raised middle class and to laugh at her chaviness is unfair and irrelevant. If she were a posh totty exhibiting such terrible behaviour I wonder would people be equally as vitriolic towards her?

  24. kiki, i think everyone with any kind of opinion on this would agree that those closest to her shouldn’t have let her do this live interview

    and i for one can tell you that if she was ‘posh totty exhibiting such bad behaviour’, i would still think that she needs to sort herself out and cut out her fame whoring ways

  25. Kiki, it has nothing to do with what class she is

  26. Yes it does. I wouldn’t mind if people spoke only about her disgraceful behaviour. But bringing her chavishness into it is utterly irrelavant and says a lot about peoples preconceptions.

  27. kiki – everyone is defined by their actions, what they say and, no matter what you would like to think, how they appear.. when kerry katona put herself in front of cameras, she knew and as a public figure, has known for some time, that people judge every part of you.. you are judged everytime you walk down the street, it’s what people do.. as for preconceptions, a lot of commentors here have seen many clips of kerry katona ‘on best behaviour’ and also on her reality show – enough has been seen to make a judgement, good or bad

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