The Smart Stupid Girl

What’s the worst thing you can be? To me, it’s a cheat and a liar, honesty being the best policy and all that. It’s that simple. Lying and cheating is the lowest of the low and I hate liars and cheats! The scenario that I simply don’t understand is when someone you know, who’s quite smart, actively decides to act dumb for someone’s else’s benefit. Why would you want someone to think you’re stupid? It drives me crazy when girls, in particular, do this and we all know a girl who does this on many an occasion.

It’s a couple of years now, but I first came across The Smart Stupid Girl when I worked with her. We started at the same grade, if you like, and from the minute I met her it wasn’t very hard to see that she was constantly scanning her peers, trying to gauge their character and maybe join in the chat based on her conclusion. Now, on appearances, this girl would automatically be put in the dizzy blonde category. She was always very ‘friendly’, her smile a bit too big a lot of the time, a bit too giggly, but I let that go. I knew from talking to her that while she wasn’t a MENSA candidate, she always had her eyes and ears on alert. She never missed a whispered word if there was anything she felt she should know, particularly when it came to getting ahead of others. Very ambitious is this Smart Stupid Girl.

So while quite knowledgeable of her chosen profession, if she didn’t know much about a topic around the canteen table, she’d go home and swot up for the next time – and how did I know that? Well, she actually told me that she did that so as not to get caught out a second time. I don’t know why she told me that, maybe she thought that I’d be impressed. However, I wasn’t and her calculating skills started coming to the fore.

There was one particular occasion that The Smart Stupid Girl really came into her own and when I saw her in action I was absolutely flabbergasted!

It was a work drinks thing and we were meeting the head honchos for the first time. Oh, she gave me a bit of a pep talk beforehand, told me what I should say and do and was too busy fixing her hair to see the shocked look on my face. In she walked and waited to be introduced to the main man.

Then with a flick of her hair, an even bigger flash of her teeth and eye to eye contact she held for way too long, she was off. She basically turned into, what I reckon she thinks she should be around men. It was like Barbie suddenly entered the room, complete with 19th century ideals. She laughed a bit too loudly whenever any of these guys said anything to her. She agreed with their point of view while leaning in to touch their elbow. She kept on tossing her hair and only really saying something when spoken to. Everyone else [the men, just the men, she didn’t talk to any girls that evening] always had ‘the MOST interesting’ things to say, everyone else was ‘soo right!’, everyone else was ‘just soo funny!’. It was quite something to see her in action. She acted like a complete bimbo and did nothing but praise these overstuffed suits and tell them ‘how much she admired them’.

Basically, she played dumb. All night. Stroked their egos and told them that their wives were so lucky. And of course, the men loved it! Loved it! I was nearly sick. She turned into another person in order to be what she reckoned every man wanted her to be, a bit of fluff on his arm. What a ridiculous ambition – and the almost surprising thing is, she’s still in the same job, so more people than me must have seen through her unattractive falseness.


3 responses to “The Smart Stupid Girl

  1. Oh I know SO many women who do this. I’ve never understood it. At all. At what point in their development as a person did they think ‘yeah this is the way to go’??

  2. monty, to see this girl in action was unbelievable! and she’s really not stupid in real life! a bit ditzy at times but fairly average i would think, even if she is a pain in the arse..

  3. I know a few of them…one in particular asks every year around this time (and always when we’re out with the lads) “when is hallowe’en again, I can never remember”….

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