Who Are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

Well, I for one don’t know the people in my neighbourhood. I know a lot of people that prop up the bar in my local, but that’s different. I don’t know any of the people that live in similar three storey redbrick Georgian houses either side of me and I don’t know those that live across the road either. But, I know quite a few of the lovely furry neighbours that I have!

I live on the top floor of the house with a great view for anyone with a predilection for curtain twitching and being a wide, long street just off the main thoroughfare means that there are always people walking by. But what I like best is watching little dogs all happy and smiley, tails nearly wagged off with glee as THEY walk by my window. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll bump into Spike on one of his walks. Spike was rehomed and taken in by a guy I know after his first owners really didn’t look after him properly. Spike is a cute but overweight Jack Russell that is a bit nervous and shy around people. So, although we’re not best friends yet, I know Spike wants to be my friend. Quite often when I’m on my way to HQ I’ll meet the big black and white cat that lives nearby – we’re very good friends! I’ll say ‘Hello’, she’ll meow back at me. I’ll scratch her ear and she’ll purr. I’ll tell her I’m on my way to the pub and she’ll say ‘Suit yourself, seeya’… very similar to the chats I have with the little tortoiseshell cat that also lives on that road. The little tortie is a pet! She’s quiet but affectionate and prefers under her chin scratched to her ear but when it comes down to it she’ll take anything thats going.

Pig doesn’t live near me anymore. Pig and his family moved away. Pig was a huge fluffy blondey, marmaladey colour, most unusual, and certainly a cat you wouldn’t forget in a hurry! I’ve often seen Pig follow people down the road and actually run in front of them to try and get them to stop and stroke him. Most people did stop as Pig was very persistent. His tail had to be the biggest, fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen. And just how did I find out his name was Pig? Well, I was chatting to Pig one day, just about stuff, y’know, and a guy walked up to Pig and exclaimed ‘There you are! I was looking for you!’. So I got talking to Pig’s Daddy and it turns out that his daughters thought that Pig was the same colour as a pig when he was a kitten, so they decided to call him Pig! Makes perfect sense, really.

And next we come to Eric. Eric is the completely lunatic Red Setter that lives near the black and white cat. Eric announces to the world that he’s out and about for a ‘walk’ by barking and barking and barking at his front gate before he does a series of jumps and twirls and then he takes off, racing down the road, nothing stops him! He doesn’t even stop as he sniffs at every tree and lamppost, he’s just so glad to be outside. Any chats I have with Eric are rather brief – he just doesn’t have time to stop and it’s a quick woof, maybe a pat on the head and he’s off again.

My favourite furry neighbour though, is the little black cat that lives in the basement flat right opposite me. She has a pink collar and spends lots of her day chasing leaves or flies that happen to pass her by. I often see her jumping out from the hedge and tearing around the garden in pursuit of something or other. Oh she’s a real cutie and very friendly as everyone who’s comes in or out of her house or nearby houses knows – she’s runs over to say hello, wraps her tail around their legs, that’s enough to earn her a scratch on the ear and with that, she’s happy.


7 responses to “Who Are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

  1. awww! miss having azimals so much! Our folks have tons of moggies on their road and one in particular, who was christened plague of locusts, due to his intense persistence, is adorable – a big chunky, friendly ginger tom.

  2. ‘plague of locusts’! hilarious! he’s sounds dotey!

  3. lol, love it. same here. i see the same 5 or 6 cats n dogs every day when i walk pupster.

  4. towny, i’ve seen pix of the pupster and he’s a real cutie!

  5. I have no idea who my neighbours are either and because we’re in the city centre, no-one has pets either.

    Can’t wait for the day we get our own little mut…*sigh*

  6. One of the dogs at home looks like the one in that pic – he was a stray that one of the neighbours asked if my brother would take. The other dog which we had already is a little fox terrier (his mother was knocked down by the post man). They still don’t like each other (3 years on) but know they must behave (ie stop trying to tear the others throat of each other) or they will be put outside.

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