Brownies How Are Ye!

‘Right! I’ve decided that I’m going to bake dessert to bring round to the dinner party later’ announced the sister. ‘BAKE? Like, BAKE?’ was the general response. ‘Yes, bake. And this is what I’m going to BAKE’ came the second announcement with a smile.
As soon as the page of the cookery book was splayed across the kitchen table we started to salivate. Oh my god, the brownies looked so good! All rich and chocolatey and gooey and dripping with melted chocolate and surrounded by raspberries, mmm mmm! Quick as a flash I had a cunning plan – ‘Sure why don’t you make two batches, kinda like rent for using Mom’s kitchen?’, ‘OK, right then, I’m off to buy the ingredients’. And off she went. The rest of us stayed put, we deffo weren’t missing any part of this most unusual event!
Within the hour, the kitchen table was heavy with bowls and a huge scales, all the ingredients lined up – ‘I need to prepare, I have to get everything ready’ was the next announcement. Which was followed up by a rather angry ‘Tch! Fuckit. I forgot the baking powder. Fuckit anyway’. I kept myself buried in the book, thinking about what other treats it had to offer. One quick trip to the shop later and the weighing out began. ‘Ye have loads of white chocolate, do ye need that much?’ ‘YEEESSSS, sure white chocolate goes into it as well as drizzled on the finished ones!’. ‘OOOhhhh’. ‘Start crushing it into small chunks, will ye?’We peered into the huge mixing bowl that now contained glistening melted butter and chocolate. We added the eggs and then the flour. The bowl was ¾ full by the time the white chocolate chips went in. Our eyes were getting bigger and our mouths salivating by now. To see the raspberries fall into and then sink beneath the surface of the mixture was a joy to behold.
Dividing the mixture into two baking trays became a test of cat-like reflexes to see who could scoop up any chocolatey blobs that didn’t quite land in the trays. Oh, there was no talking. No talking at all. We were concentrating on keeping our eyes in our heads.
After 20 minutes a rush into the sitting room declared that ‘They’re rising!’ which was followed up 10 minutes later with ‘They’re huge now!’
If you’ve ever seen a cat patiently sit under a bird’s nest for a whole week waiting for a baby to fall out, you’ll have an idea of what we were like as we actually watched the brownies cooling down. When it came to slicing them up, the oohs and aahs as the gooey tendrils stretched from the tin to the knife and all the way over to the Tuberware container were almost deafening! Later that evening we ever so slightly reheated each slice, just to warm it up a tad and then lovingly spooned vanilla ice cream into each bowl to keep them company. We didn’t talk for quite a while after that bit either. We were too busy gluing our mouths together with this fabulous, unctuous delight! Heaven!


6 responses to “Brownies How Are Ye!

  1. Oh man…i’m so hungry now. They sound GORGEOUS!

  2. My mouth is watering just reading that!!!

  3. Oh they look divine!

  4. oooo GK i can almost taste them DIVINE 🙂

  5. oohhh.. they were sooo gorgeous! they will deffo be made again!

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