I’m Not Finished Yet!

My first and I think best dalliance with Apivita so far is the Age Management Face Mask – THE most hydrating mask I’ve ever used! Part of the Express line, with all of the promising ingredients of the Moisturiser above, this mask comes as part of a pack of two generous sachets for on the go Apivita goodness. The consistency means it’s very easy to slather this onto your face but it won’t drip down onto your neck. There a lovely sweet subtle smell that won’t get in the way as it works it’s hydrating magic on your skin for 10 minutes. This isn’t a mask that dries in either, most masks for dry skin don’t so there’s no pulling at your skin while you wash it off. The mask gently dissolves away to leave skin glowing with a new found elasticity that isn’t at all greasy. I find these sachets, priced at approx €3 are like miracles for my skin! And better still, I find that I get 2-3 applications in each sachet, result!


4 responses to “I’m Not Finished Yet!

  1. I have GOT to get me one of these!!

  2. Monty, it’s fabilis! soo hydrating [and I would have quite dry skin]

  3. Jebus, I didn’t read it right & thought you were talking about Activia… oh the shame!!!

  4. hilarious baba!

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