Bubble Hair, Bubble Brain

Buxom Kelly Brook, that serial dater of serial daters has been gushing about her new man, Rugby’s next big, ahem, thing, Danny Cipriani. They’ve been dating a month, have been seen all over town kissing and canoodling, Kell’s had a new bed delivered to her flat and well, aren’t you soo excited for them?!
Kelly has said in an interview that she’s looking for a guy who’s ‘cute and quiet.. yeah, handsome, quiet and good in bed.. well, actually, just handsome would do for now, I don’t want anything too challenging’.
Well! That’s a shocker for sure! The girl who had problems pronouncing words like ‘sarcastic’ when reading her Big Breakfast autocue isn’t up for a challenge. I wonder if that includes people who ask her to choose the restaurant? Or people who ask which she’d prefer, a ring or a necklace? My brain just won’t stop me wondering if she even knows who’s in power in Britain or the US, her homes of choice. When I see this girl, all that springs to mind is her squeezing her boobs together, finger against her lips while she giggles ‘I don’t know!’ when faced with any kind of interaction with any type of person.
And for anyone else that didn’t know, that had seen her plastered over magazines and gossip pages recently, doing tv interviews etc, someone has actually hired her to be in a West End play. That’s why her dizzy mugshot is all over town. Busy nights ahead for her prompter then.


5 responses to “Bubble Hair, Bubble Brain

  1. I can imagine Zelebs like Kelly here actually tip off the paparazzzi themselves when they want to (‘hey, wanna see my new bed being delivered?’) Probably have a few of them on speed dial…

  2. There’s no probably about that Monty, plenty of such Z-listers do it all the time.. and then sue if an unauthorised pic is taken 🙄

  3. That’s mental but hardly surprising. Do a lot of them get a cut if an ‘authorised’ pic makes a lot of money?

  4. i’m not 100% monty, but deals are made w paparazzi.. just all part of the circus!

  5. Grrrr KB does my head in and it doesn’t help that boyfriend visibly drools over her whenever he sees her in a magazine/on telly. Nothing a few swift digs in the ribs won’t cure though.

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