We Need Stuff Too..

World Animal Week is over for another year but as we all know, pets aren’t just for Christmas, our entertainment or for being mean to. Each year I love buying a pin for World Animal Week, choosing exactly which one I want [this year I got a grey & white striped cat] and I must have 8 or 9 of them stuck up on a cupboard by now! And it’s great that Pedigree and Whiskas chip in each year by donating food to the different SPCA’s around the country.

This is a scary time of year for a lot of animals, what with little brats [I’d gladly string up] throwing bangers all over the place. It’s Molly’s first Hallow’een and last night when one went off nearby she was big scared, I can tell you. No animal should ever be scared or lonely or hungry or sick God Damn It! You can contribute at any time to the ISPCA, the t-shirts, pins, Christmas cards etc on offer are well worth buying and totally cute! Fur Rocks!


One response to “We Need Stuff Too..

  1. Love The Fur!

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