1,2,3,4 Friday I Love you More and More..

‘One, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more… oooh oh oh you’re changing your heart.. oooh oh oh…’ – this song has been in my head ALL week! I’ve been 1,2,3,4ing for what seems like forever! Such a catchy little ditty though. You know when a song gets right inside your head and when you catch yourself singing it out loud for the 1004thtime, you’re determined to tra la la along to something else? And I’ve no idea what put it in my head either.

Now, I like this song and it’s certainly an infinitely better thing to be on repeat than that time I threw up after two many tequilas. Or that time I snogged a guy to find out later that the reason he looked at me funny each time I mentioned something was that it was actually his identical twin brother I’d previously snogged and I was yet to find out that twins actually existed in that family. Sheesh! But I digress! ‘oooh oh oh you’re changing your heart.. oooh oh oh…’, see, now I’ve got happy thoughts back and this song does make me kinda smiley. And about two minutes in you’ll want to whoop and holler while skipping across a huge warehouse wearing brightly coloured clothes !

And if you want an extra dose of cute and reminiscing, click on this for the non-grown up version.

Do you know what? I think I might make Friday ‘Songs I like Day’! Come back next Friday and there’ll be another favourite right here! Of course, you can come back inbetween.. and this song will probably still be in YOUR head! AND you’ll still be tapping your foot!


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