Name: Molly Small

Nickname: Small

Name when bold [what’s bold?]: Mollyyelittlebrat

I live: With my bed teddies in Glitter’s Mom’s utility room

Current collar: Green background, white daisies, two bells for loudness

Current Job: Studying for Proficiency badges in Jumping & Sleeping


I like: My bed, food, playing with Auntie Fizzy, catching and eating flies, sneaking food from plates, getting warm on the tumble drier, sitting on Glitter’s Dad’s newspaper while he’s doing the crossword, getting extra food, sleeping on Glitter’s knee when I’m tie-tie

I don’t like: Being hungry, the dark, rain, when Auntie Fizzy doesn’t want to play, Auntie Fizzy always gets fed first   
Most Proud of: My collection of feathers, I have 5 beside my bed at the moment!


Name: Fizzy Little

Nickname: Fizzles

Name when bold [oh the shame]: Ohfizzyyouknowbetterthanthat

I live: In my toasty igloo in Glitter’s Mom’s garage

Current collar: Navy blue with silver and blue sparkly centre, two bells for loudness

Current Job: Sentry Duty on Glitter’s Mom’s wall with particular focus on keeping mouses away  



I like: Stretching out, Glitter’s Mom’s roast dinners, my missing canine makes me look hard, showing that whippersnapper Molly who’s boss, sunbeams of heat, having MY chair in the TV room, sneaking into the room I’m not supposed to go into

I don’t like: When that whippersnapper Molly thinks my tail is for playing with, any of those feckin eejit, furry guys that think they can come onto my territory, being annoyed while sleeping, going to bed late, own brand food

Most Proud of: I can tell when roast meat is in the oven and that Molly wan can’t




7 responses to “Introducing:

  1. Oh Dear God – cute overload!! 🙂

  2. Aw are these ur baby’s GK???? ADORABLE 🙂

  3. yes they are poppins! molly small and fizzy little are v much part of the family!

  4. Has Fizzy been on crimewatch or just camera shy??

  5. Fizzy prefers a low profile – it means she can potter around or stretch out with relatively few people knowing where she is at any one time.. Much better than having that Molly wan at her, tipping her tail etc.. An empty room is sheer bliss to our Fizzles…

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