Is it Just Me?

I met this guy, oh, six years ago? He’s tall, good looking and funny and told me he’d a girlfriend. So far, so fine. We were friends and in regular enough contact. I’d get a ‘Hi, how are you’ text from him every so often. After about a year, one particular text later and he was suddenly all flirty and ‘How YOU Doin’?’ and the attention was nice. Cutting to the chase, you know what’s next. He became the hottest sex I’d ever had. And the best thing was, he’d never stay the night, I could ignore his rendezvous requests if I was seeing someone else and I knew he’d just pop back into my life within a couple of months! Cos over the years, I only ever saw him every couple of months. He’d ease back into my life with texts asking how I was, chat about my football team and general, ‘Hey! I was thinking about you!’ type statements.

And all this time, I knew that he was still going out with your wan. He only mentioned her twice. I knew she was Australian as they went on a ‘meet the parents’ holiday to Oz, she moved into a house he bought and subsequently moved into a bigger house that either he or they bought. He picked me up in his car one time and I jokingly said ‘Every time you call over I think you’re going to forget to take off your wedding ring!’, I obviously hit a nerve and he swore he wasn’t or didn’t want to be married.

But don’t tar and feather me just yet. I’m the single one, remember? I just don’t understand why he still contacts me [for he does, several texts alone this week say so]. I got bored with him aaages ago. Like eons ago in a single girl’s lifetime. And I wasn’t the only one! He mistakenly sent me a ‘Great to see you earlier, you looked great’ text once and when I pulled him up on it he sheepishly apologised and passed the other girl off as an ex work colleague. I’ve moved on from this guy, to be honest, it was more of a convenience thing for those inbetween other guys times. I just don’t understand how he’s been in a relationship for over six years, has never married, has never left the girl, yet has obviously played away the entire time. Is he not sick of the whole thing, one way or another? Especially as I haven’t met him for about 2 years and he still sends me plenty of [mainly unanswered] texts about mundane things i order to garner my attention.

When I first thought about it, I felt bad. I thought that maybe he was destined to stay with this girl forever cos his Dad gambled him away in a high stakes poker game when he was 11. Or maybe that he promised his dying Granny he’d find a nice girl to settle down with and he knows that she can see him from Heaven [but his relationship looks ok on the outside so that’s enough for the neighbours].

My other theory is that his girlfriend is very sick and he needs an outlet of his own.

So, every so often when I’m taking to a particular friend of mine and I mention I’ve got texts again from you know who, in a very blasé type of way she just says, ‘Who? Ooohh, the guy with the girlfriend in the wheelchair?’, to which I reply, ‘That’s the one alright’ – well, it’s one way to differentiate him from the others.


11 responses to “Is it Just Me?

  1. GK – To this day I’m not sure why guys do this. My Loser Ex did this. He was going out with me but shagged anything with breasts and a heartbeat behind my back (and in our bed) and he saw nothing wrong with it.

    His logic was well I have spag bol at home but every now and then I need chicken curry….. oh and I wasn’t keeping a tight enough rein on him so it was my fault he cheated……his words not mine 🙂

  2. monty that is pure mental! did he actually use the food comparison????

  3. i know it’s easy to judge my actions, but i didn’t encourage this guy and i really only saw him as a distraction when i was single
    i never wanted him to be my boyfriend cos i knew what he was like!
    and as for your ex straying being your fault, monty – eh, no!! no way hose [as towny would say] he was just a pr*ck and like him, i’ve no respect for the guy i know either

  4. I think sleeping with him probably constitutes encouraging him Glitterkitty. Don’t suppose you’re a single woman in her mid thirties?…

  5. Roxette – Yes he did (seriously).

    GK – Oh don’t worry, I didn’t leave an inch of doubt as to how I felt about that comment 😉

    Racey – What’s your point….?

  6. glitterkitty

    racey – if you check, you’ll see i haven’t met this guy for over two years and it’s way longer than that since i’ve slept with him
    i suppose sleeping with him might have encouraged him to come back for more but after all this time, i’ve no interest in him or interest in sleeping with him again
    hence he contacts me and i usually get annoyed by his numerous, tedious texts, i might confirm i’m still alive via text eventually and shortly it goes back to no contact for another while – so, why he still contacts me is a mystery!

  7. littlemisswonders

    Monty, to be honest spag bol is always much nicer that chicken curry…dammit now I want spag bol for dinner!

    Glitter, I had one of those too (wasn’t anything like yours though), was four years long, haven’t seen him or heard from him for over one (he has a gf) but we both knew we were for the in between times!!! think I’ll have to get myself a new friend with benefits!

  8. glitterkitty

    i think you’ll find that many people have ‘an inbteweener’, lmw!
    and i’m also thinking about spag bol now too 😉

  9. LOL! Me too!

    I think everyone’s had an inbteweener at some point in their lives. I certainly did!

  10. Dorothy Darker

    Sounds like a cad and a bounder to me. I’d bite the wings off the drone and kick him out of the beehive!

  11. A cad and a bounder is a very polite way to describe him Dorothy! mind you, I get the impression you’re that that type of girl 😉

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