On Top of the World; the Opposite of a Bad Hair Day

Bad hair days are the pits! The PITS I tells ye! One look at any photo taken circa 1985 and you’d be forgiven for asking if people went around sticking their fingers in sockets just for fun. All the time. To millions of people around the world, was the invention of the GHD not like, the BEST thing that ever happened to them?

And its not just fear of the frizz, oh no, you’ve also got those ‘fashionable’ hairstyles. The mullet, the permed bob, the ‘Heidi’ plaits, the two tones skunk look, CORN ROWS for fecks sake!

Nowadays though, my hair is all about looking forward – and looking a lot better than it has on certain occasions.

I take great pleasure in allowing my rich and hardworking products work their magic on my locks; shimmy through my hair as I stand in the shower performing various other ablutions knowing that in 3-5minutes every strand will have been tenderly cared to, just waiting for the glossiness to shine through.

My products of choice? Aveda, Darling. Oh Smooth Infusions you keep me on the straight and narrow.. Pure Abundance, you’re there when I need a lift and Shampure, well, I know I can rely on you. 


4 responses to “On Top of the World; the Opposite of a Bad Hair Day

  1. ik, so as much as i love my GHD, i miss the fact that i used to be able to blow dry hair and now have lost the skill, or is it patience?

  2. Aveda you say? I will give it a go. I am a total sucker for hair products – my weakness is The Aussie formula.

  3. glitterkitty

    hmm.. i always blow dry my shoulder length hair, am well used to doing it by now and have relied on my trusty parlux dryer for years!
    a bit of patience, a bit of skill and easy peasy!

    step away from the ghd tho

  4. glitterkitty

    lottie, do check out Aveda!
    i’ve been a total convert for about 2 years and can’t imagine switching! do talk to one of the girlies in store if you can, i’ve found them v v helpful [BT and a couple of independent salons, the reviews on make up alley can be mixed adn less reliable]

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