We All Scream for Ice Cream

It’s been a lifelong affair, me & ice cream and we just know that it’s forever! I can remember the first time I ate ice cream, it was vanilla and came between two of those lovely, crispy, yellow wafers. It was quite a feat to eat all the creamy goodness and not have a dribble from your fingers right down to your wrist! But then if that happened, well, it wasn’t such a bad thing! Nor was licking your lips to see if you’d missed any! Ice pops are still another favourite. The simple sugary, flavoured water ones were always dead cheap, remember Chilly Willys? Although, that conjures up a different scenario in my head now, ahem. Before long I licked, slurped and binged my way through many a Tangle Twister and Wibbly Wobbly Wonders and if money was no object, maybe a Brunch. Ooooh, they were very grown up!


I remember being sent to the shop once for Mars Ice Creams. They weren’t out long and I was amazed when handing over all the money – they were something like 60p each! Each! But nice as that one was, I haven’t had too many of them since. The odd Magnum here and there perhaps. But they don’t compare to the rich, decadent feeling of my first ice cream. Vanilla was your lot and that suited me fine. However, once in a blue moon there was some, wait for it, Neapolitan! But I didn’t really like the chocolate or strawberry as much as vanilla.


Nowadays that I’m all grown up, I worship at the alter of Ben & Jerry. I’m telling you, the things I wouldn’t do for a bit of ‘Vanilla As It Oughta Be’! Maybe I’d even divulge a few secrets if you added in a handful of strawberries. Haagen Daas doesn’t really grab my attention; I just want to tell it to get over itself. As for Tangle Twisters, I had one the other day, Brunches, well, I had one of those a couple of weeks ago.. and I’ve just realised there’s some Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge! Yippee! Where’s my spoon?


6 responses to “We All Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Oh I remember chilly willys – remember when you had to blow into the bag to get the pop out!!

  2. and your fingers would be frozen trying to wrench it out of the bag too!

  3. I still love HB vanilla ice cream – no matter how many other posh extravagent flavours and brands I try I always come back to it. and it goes with everything – apple tart, strawberries – and oh yeah those wafer sandwiches were fabulous. Why don’t we eat them anymore?

  4. i LOVE banana ice cream with a broken up flake thrown in for good measure. yum city 🙂

  5. strangely though i couldnt eat an actual banana without gagging because they are so vile

  6. glitterkitty

    hehe roxy.. broken up flake on ice cream tho.. mmmm yummmmy!

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