It’s Friday; I’m in Love!

Oh Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday! You’re definitely my favourite day of the week. I spend my Monday pretending it isn’t, Tuesday counting the minutes, my Wednesday deciding what I’ll do over the weekend and my Thursday just being so excited about Friday that it passes me by quicker than than the rush during a BT sale!

Fridays are for that extra little bit of time out to lunch, well, there’s always something to buy, some colourful bit of sparkle that has to be bought in order to be the Belle of the Ball come that night. Friday night is for staying out late, very late and not caring cos you didn’t have much planned for Saturday anyway. A stinking hangover on a Saturday morning just goes to prove how good the previous night was! And hangovers on Saturday don’t last long cos it helps to know you can go from couch to taxi in the blick of an eye if you have to! But a hangover on a Sunday has that added weight of knowing that it’s the long trudge back to work the following day. The beauty of hitting the tiles on Friday night is that there’s a whole two days of do-what-you-like afterwards before the dreaded reality sinks in. Monday morning is a long way off as you race out of work, knowing that there’s a drink with your name on it waiting in the pub just around the corner!

And your average Joe Soap that tries to garner my attention on a Friday night out doesn’t really have a hope. Friday night is for having a good time! It’s for forgetting about demanding clients and impending meetings with The Boss. Friday night is for slapping on that new lipstick, climbing into those skyscraper heels and telling the rest of the week to go find someone else to bore! Friday! It’s YOU I’m in love with!


5 responses to “It’s Friday; I’m in Love!

  1. Oh I love Fridays too!!!! And today is even more fabulous because I have a SATC evening planned with some of the girlies, PLUS I have Monday off! Life is good when its Friday. 🙂

  2. DeeplyDippy – Nice one!

  3. Friday nights are the best. Usually the drinking starts around 5 in Kehoes chatting with the lads (& lasses) about the plans for the weekend coupled with the eternal optomism for the sporting fixures over the next couple of days. Unfortunately for us Toon fans, by the end of Sunday reality has well & truly set in & the weekly cycle starts again.

  4. glitterkitty

    oh dear toontours.. maybe you should just support a better team 😉

  5. But a footie team is for life not just christmas! What can I do? Just grin & bear it I suppose.

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