Just SAY it!!

So, there I was, at the bar in HQ, it was getting on for last orders and I decided to go home, there wasn’t many people about. But I did an about turn when one of my radars started bleeping. Up to the other end of the bar I waltzed. A guy I know was talking to a previously unseen, very good looking male! So, I’m in with the chat, ‘I’m great, Glitter, how are you?’ etc and then I was introduced to Hairboy. Hairboy was really cute, more than cute, dark hair, dark eyes [feck the fact that he had his dreads tied up into a huge ponytail effort] and very gentlemanly, even insisting on buying me a drink. After that it was all chat, chat, chat and so easy to forget that the reason I was there, the guy I know, was somewhere in the background.
Hairboy wanted to know where I lived, what I did, the usual. Hairboy insisted on buying me another drink. Hairboy asked if I wanted to go to a late bar down the road. Hairboy wanted to know stuff about me and before long we’re talking in quotes from songs as we have the same taste in music.
In the late bar, very late into the night, my mind started wandering. I think it was that Hairboy wasn’t all that engaging. I kinda got to wonder what was going on. He was saying and doing all the things that would normally be a guy putting moves on a girl, all questions and gestures and concentrating on what I was saying. Oh the chat was fine, I just didn’t know where this was going. I didn’t even want, particularly, this to go somewhere; I just found it odd that after a couple of hours, I had no real inkling as to where he might want this to end up.
Now, I get bored easily and I was kinda done with this guy. I was convinced I’d know either way if I outright, just asked him ‘What would happen if I kissed you right now?’
Well! I wasn’t really expecting him to jump back 10 feet and make it such a big deal! Lord! Then he just stood there, looking at me. I simply remarked, ‘That’s ok, now I know – what were you saying?’, shrugged my shoulders and didn’t hear a word he said for ages cos I was trying to figure out if the past hours were all in my head! And thing is, he just kept on talking after I said that to him. Talking and gesturing the same way he had done all night. Now I was really confused. There were other people I knew in the bar, so I was able to escape when I needed to, but Hairboy sought me out each time. He even insisted on walking me home and I had to practically close the door on him after he made no signs of wanting to leave!
At least if I knew he was gay, there’d be a reason why he didn’t want to kiss me [and I’d be telling him to leave out the typical come-ons when talking to girls]. And then he wanted to continue the chat, have a few drinks etc AND walk me home. That night when I finally got into my place, I had to laugh and then I revelled in all the space I had in my bed!


9 responses to “Just SAY it!!

  1. Heh, that was a bit weird wasn’t it. Was hairboy on drugs maybe? ‘Spose at least you got a few drinks, safely escorted home and all of your bed to yourself. Men . . such weird creatures

  2. glitterkitty

    yep towny – sure you and i have had this chat before!

  3. How annoying! He’s not from south Dublin and in a band by any chance?

  4. glitterkitty

    ooo cathyfly! south dublin and in a band is a distinct possibility! he deffo plays music of some kind.. i also got the impression that he had just split w GF or something, it was the way he said on more than one occasion, ‘well, i’m *staying* in XY place at the moment’

  5. HMMM. I met a similar Hairboy at a gig recently, lovely chap but he definitely had a girlfriend, kindly mentioned that fact after like eh 4 HOURS of chatting! How uncanny would that be – if it’s not the same guy there are a pair of evil (but cute) dreadlocked twins wrecking girls’ heads all over Dublin… 😉

  6. lol cathy – sure don’t you know that it has to be the same guy now! did my head in tho – and i really didn’t fancy him, i just wanted to know wtf was going on in his head!

  7. Strange, very strange. What a waste of time!

  8. maybe he doesn’t kiss on the first date… Old fashioned kind of guy?
    Also behavior unheard of before now in the greater Dublin area!

  9. glitterkitty

    one theory, yes, aphro – however, he didn’t ask for my number! [not that i offered it either]

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