Who Do You Think You Want To Be?

Ok, I mentioned it earlier, I’m not lingering on it, but, SATC, we’ve all been there done that. Or rather done the ‘tick a box questionnaire and find out which character you most resemble’. I’m Samantha. I’m always going to be Samantha. You know, the girl that has maybe seen a bit too much to be able to hide behind a lie? The girl that takes what happens 24/7 in her stride. I’m the girl who isn’t easily surprised and so I’m the girl who isn’t easily let down – sure I saw it coming! It comes with a lot of practice.

OK, another track.. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have Charlotte’s optimistic view on life?! Answer, eh, seriously? Have you ever met a guy in Dublin? She’d be a pile of pale Loreto skirt on the floor in Café Insane of a Saturday night before you could ask if the cab is going Southside.  Miranda. I get her and her witty ‘I know stuff’ attitude, but again, seriously, do Dublin guys ever put it on a plate the way Steve did and still hang around even to ask if they can buy you another drink? And I move on.. I’m saying this now cos you know it’s true, Carrie is so self absorbed and so, so selfish, I’ve always wondered how any one, let alone any guy could bare to spend more than five minutes with her. Yet so many people want to be her. ‘Oh, she’s so, like, em, thoughtful.. and she, like, gets what people are saying.. and oooh, did you see that shirt with those shoes’? Baloney. [That’s the New York term, right?]. Fuck that is the Dublin term.

I like being ‘a Samantha’. I know what I want, I know what I like and I try to get both. I don’t want people thinking they can take advantage of me, so I yell out when I think that might be happening. I listen to what’s important, i.e. my friends and family and if I can help, I do. And I do a lot. And when yet another man under whelms me, I just walk away.


3 responses to “Who Do You Think You Want To Be?

  1. There isn’t a hope in hell I could tolerate Carrie. I’d last five minutes and then have to surpress the urge to beat her to a pulp with one of my shoes.

    Samantha is my kinda girl 😉

  2. I think I’m Miranda. She’s the one I like the most too.

  3. glitterkitty

    hi kirstie – i love that miranda tells it like it is, but she kept steve dangling forever! he couldn’t do enough for her! she’s def very sassy too, which i like

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