Man Oh Man: It’s Christian Bale

Christian Bale. Chriiiiissssttiiiaaannn Bale. Even as his name oozes from my mouth there’s a rush of testosterone about the place. Each time I say his name I can’t help but inhale rather deeply and bask in the velvety smoothness that is, Chriiiiissssttiiiaaannn Bale.

What it is about this guy that makes even a been there, done him Glitter like me puuurrr like a little kitten? Each time he leaves me wanting more… and more. He’s keeps a low profile, isn’t splashed all over the tabloids day in, day out and nothing is more sexy than a bit of intrigue. He has these piercing eyes that betray a lifetime of secrets and thoughts but I get the feeling that even though I know they exist, there they will stay. Notoriously private, apart from the odd speculation when the Movie PR bandwagon hits town, it’s not that I need to know everything about him – I’d just love him to order me a bourbon & coke while the two of us steal glances at each other across the bar.

And then there’s the passion about his craft. The extremes he’s prepared to go to for ‘The Role’. Was it sheer madness to lose more a couple of stone in weight for his part in ‘The Machinist’, need 24hr medical supervision during filming for him only to pile it all right back on again for his role as Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’? Probably, but that’s Christian *sigh* Oooh, a thought has just struck me – Christian Bale in a suit, mmm mmm! He’s got the looks, the drive, the passion and has me wrapped around his little finger… if only.


One response to “Man Oh Man: It’s Christian Bale

  1. I was told I was disturbed when I informed my friends that I even found Christian sexy in The Machinist. But like you said, its his committment to the art that adds to his gorgeousness. Wow, and in American Psycho… what can I say? Enough!! I still have to get through a day at work!

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